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Bits of hope

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  • bits_hope.png
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Level 34
Nov 24, 2007
This is one pretty damn pretty terrain, for certain. And I must say, as everyone else,
great job. Really.

But. It might just be me, or I might just be a bit too picky, but on top of looking really
great, it also looks like it could be just another screenshot from a beautiful game, what
I mean is, there isn't anything except everything that stands out. I'd like to see, I don't
know, maybe a hugeass tower of some sort towering into the skies over where those
white things are at the horizon. Or, well, something.

And, yeah, this is your best work so far, I just think it could be even better.
Level 11
Jan 30, 2010
oh! oh my! I really like what I see.:vw_love:
Would have taken a long time to complete. There is just so much going on in there. Like something in every corner. Too much detail to take in at once *oooo
Where did you get that nice looking dead tree model on the right.
Level 4
Feb 24, 2015
This is awesome work, Heinvers! Definitely one of the best pieces of terraining I've seen!

Personally, the land to the right of the river reminds me of Gilneas from World of Warcraft, but that could be just me =]

Keep up the good work!
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