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A skin used in a map I'm working on. It is supposed to be Bitey from a flash-movie called "The Prowlies at the River".
This skin is completly freehanded using the dodge, burn, smudge and smooth tools. It may not be the best, but it took some hours. Check for the readme for the paths. Comments and credits thanks!

Satyr, demon, burning, legion, hairy, fur, horns, bite, bitey

Bitey (Texture)

THE_END: NO real use for this...ever
Level 11
Nov 9, 2004
furs ugly...
bla bla...my average comment.
you should have turned the stick into the rock he throws at the lizard pecker.
You should have gone for a more cell shaded look...
oh and the anatomy is horrivle.
Prowlies isnt a classic...its just realy good...
To Bloody_Demise: No, it's not a model. The skin is used on a satyr model, only the tail and blade is removed using the delete function in Photoshop (uses the same transparency as Alpha Channel in my opinion).
Thanks for the comment, though. :wink:

To Cyberatog: Thanks for the comment! :)

To Halo: I have to model if I have to replace the stick into a rock and I don't have the knowledge to model.....yet.
For the anatomy, I admit that I'm not good at that one, but I disagree that it's so horrible (as you think) because I have seen skins in this site that are much worse than this.
Anyways, I did my best! :?

To Afronight_76: Ah, the famous Afronight. Great at skinning and giving tips to others. That hint you gave me will be some good help to me. *Thumbs up*

To Eerie_Elf: What kind of "Weird" do you mean?

Maybe next time, I should try to skin more Skeletal (or even Undead) type of skins in order to get an easier step to Director's Choice. Who knows?
Level 2
Jun 2, 2005
Yes, I've seen the flash movies (and they're very good), but it basically looks like chewbacca with his top body's hair shaved off :(

Maybe u could try removing the mouth thingy, maybe it would look better, ionno..