Bewitched Forest

Bewitched Forest

"A cursed forest in the lands of Ashenvale bears unseen riches."

= Description =

A 2v2 melee map featuring custom creeps from the original Warcraft campaign, like [highlight]Furbolg Warlords, Ancient Storm Wyrms[/code] and [highlight]Satyr Pyromancers.[/code]
This was my first attempt at mapping, so it may not be perfectly balanced. Although the terrain is open, there are teleport pads to allow for shortcuts to your ally across the map.

Map Overview:


= Updates =

Version 1.1
- Some terrain changes, added a lot of doodads
- Added 2 new items, one found in the environment
Version 1.2
- Removed spaces between trees
- Added some ruins doodads around the archways
- Changed the item tables slightly
- Added a tavern

= Credits =

New item ideas: MartinezTG
Thanks to Skycraft for being the first to review my map.

Custom Creeps
Custom Items

Bewitched Forest (Map)

09:45, 9th Aug 2011 -Kobas-: Status: Approved
Level 17
Nov 11, 2010
Time to review one of tulip's maps. :D


Everything seems to be good here, there is nothing to show that this map is anything terrible or anything fantastic. Just an average melee map with new units.
You should try spicing up your map details with the BB Codes, they generally tend to be useful.

-> (3/5) <-


The terrain had ups and downs, one of the highlights being the variety and neatness but one of the downsides being lazy blizzard cliffs randomly placed with nothing to cover them (check the top left of your map). There were also two other problems:


Try to fix these up and then your map should be fine, but at the moment it's not bad.

-> (3/5) <-


I didn't have any real problems with the gameplay, it actually was kinda cool with the new units but there were few times when it felt there was too much 'open space', one of the areas being Furbolgs infront of a statue. Other than that it isn't too bad.

-> (3/5) <-


Overall I'd say this map is pretty cool but without a few small problems here and there. From what I've seen this map could be approved, but I'll let the mods decide that. Not bad though, keep up the cool work.

-> (3/5) <-

And incase you missed anything, here's a list of things you should try work on.

Needs Fixing
  • Plain sections of Terrain.
  • "Empty" spaces in front of Statues.
  • Details should have more BB Codes for visual appeal.
  • Fixing up flat ground.
  • Coastline not having enough variety (try to use more doodads).


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Level 4
Jun 5, 2011
oh man, you're the best skycraft, thanks for the detailed review.

As you might have read, this was my first map, so it doesn't have too many special things.
Nevertheless I'll look over the map and try and fix the things you mentioned, coastline and rise and lower shouldn't be a problem, I'll see what I can do in front of those Furbolg camps.

[Edit:]Alright, version 1.1 is up, changed the things you mentioned. I wasn't sure what to do with the open terrain in front of the statues, because 1) I didn't feel they were too open personally, and 2) didn't want to make the area cramped, because that's usually a thing unnerving me in melee maps. So I decided to make the area more interesting by putting an environment item there.
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I didn't find anything like this in wc3 melee maps list as well.
Ok then can you fix next few hings so I can go with recommended instead useful rank?
- Trees should be placed next to each other (There is empty space between where small units can hide, press "P" on your keyboard in WE to see that).
- There is no room for build near expansion gold mines.
- There is no need for drop tables go with random level 1/2/3 charged/power ups/permanent drops for green camps, random level 4/5 permanent can do for orange and go with any level artifact for that lizard :)
- Add tavern
- Remove archway doodads, they look horrible for forest terrain stile :)
Level 4
Jun 5, 2011
I hope I fixed up the spaces between the trees. I didn't change the expansions much, only on 2 of them I moved trees around a bit to acommodate the town hall better, but I really don't think you need much space at the expo in WC3.
Added a tavern (I noticed the map preview pic doesn't automatically get updated in hive, so it's not shown there).
I didn't get rid of the archways, as I like them, but I added some rubble and ruined stones around those to make them look less out of context.
I changed up the item tables a bit, but I didn't want to make them the standard "random this or that item", since I want to see a few items you normally don't get on melee maps.

Also a strange thing I noticed when playtesting: Once I got a crown of kings from a satyr, which is weird because my item table doesn't let it drop that, I checked. If anybody can tell me why that happened I'd be grateful.

EDIT: I don't know what's happening with those item tables, but warcraft seems to mix up two of them on this map. Satyrs dropped what Lizards should've dropped and vice versa. I don't know why but when I purposefully let the Lizards drop Satyr items and Satyrs drop Lizard Items it works like it's supposed. So I quickly updated the map here, sorry for those of you who already downloaded it.
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Level 4
Jun 5, 2011
Since Kobas was so nice to reject all my other maps without even the detour of a needs fix, and by a reason by which this map must be rejected too (apparently melee maps with custom creeps aren't welcome), I decided to quit uploading anymore maps.

Have fun this one, and bye.