Beowulf the Brave

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Hello again. So... Here is one special model, out of two. This is vrykul thane.

It is based on wow animations from vrykul male, so credits goes to Blizzard Entertainment for original resource. I made only mesh, wrap, effects and animations edit. I dont want take credits fro esomething I have not done. i dont wanna make all my future models based only on alternated wow animations - nope. Only sometimes I will borrow some of them, that will be harder for me to create as custom.

Also made custom portrait - not based on wow animations, this time W3 themed.

Oh and check out the sword, I tryied to make it detailed ;) Hope youll like it. And I tryied to make him more dragonslayer like.

Anyway, enjoy and give credits. (Hope you will enjoy using this ingame textures)

Your SvH

Hopefuly finaly fixed, just tested it ingame. I finaly foudn how to fix this stupid bug...again :D

Updated as suggested by Misha and problems should be really fixed now properly.

Updated again: Problems wat not with the resizing, problems was that i added bad coordinates to the attachments, thats why it was so wrong. I tested them now ingame and it should be fine. Even so, some attachments are not so needed I guess, I let them unremoved. And also I added one attachment more - weapon, which is used most in the games (for orbs). Lets hope this is lat update.

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Beowulf the Brave (Model)

Beowulf the Brave (Model)

Misha 13th Sep 2013 Moderator's Review: 'dissipate' anim doesn't have him go high enough, or slow enough. 'weapon' attachment isn't on the sword, 'origin' and maybe 'overhead' didn't shrink with the model, so they remain huge, same with...




13th Sep 2013
Moderator's Review:

'dissipate' anim doesn't have him go high enough, or slow enough. 'weapon' attachment isn't on the sword, 'origin' and maybe 'overhead' didn't shrink with the model, so they remain huge, same with collision (has no collision shape). the health bar is somewhat high over him.. but, it performs well :)

Edit by Kwaliti: Problems still present (too high health bar, namely)

EDIT 2: Health bar is now okay, but the attachments are screwed now. Resizing via bones is gonna give you a very, very bad time.

EDIT 3: Auras and origin based attachments seem a tad small now, but I'll approve this.
Level 4
Oct 9, 2009
Just checked it out in game, and it looks great. The Hive model viewer will incorrectly make parts of the shoulders disappear, but it doesn't happen in game.

Way to go on this guy. A fitting Vrykul hero in heavy armor. Thanks again!
Level 33
Feb 17, 2008
I know my work can be sometimes "lazy", meaning I can definitely make some models better.... But I just want to inform you all, that my priority is to enrich Hive model database. I knwo this model could have more animations like special spell animations and defend animations. Yet I hope its still quite useable in comparison to th ewuality of mesh and filesize. I am more or less testing workin with wow animations on this one and also using of ingame combination of textures. And also making custom mesh like swords shields, helmets and ...wel...beards :D There are some other models I am trying to put little bit more work into. I was little bit cryzw ith LOTr themed model lately...So I am working on Smaug and Balrog ( I am still a bit angry that no one made Balrog mode til now, so I have to do it on my own :D, its sucha wonderful beast)...

I also wanted to thank you all for helping me out with your comments and criticism. Without it my models would be just empty vehicles, robbed out of its very soul.

And the last one - I tryied some times before to quit with warcraft and modelling. And I have to say only one thing...ONCE YOU GO WARCRAFT, IT NEVER GOES BACK! :D not a chance I will ever stop modeling...I might slow down, take a pause, or rest for a while...But I will always keep coming back!

See ya fellaz! on the next model :D :D