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Beginners F.A.Q To Terraining

Level 10
Apr 10, 2008


World Editor Basics

by iPeez

Author's Note:
Here we have 23 questions I have came over the past 2 years of my terrain experience. And of course the answers. Those of you who have used the editor for a while wont find this very useful, but who knows..?
Are you a beginner to terraining and want to learn more I'll suggest that you read this.

As one last thing you should note you these links:
(Note: Not all of these tutorials are about terraing. Most of the indexs are allover covering the World Editor)

Terraing Advanced - by 2-P
Good Tutorials About Everthing In The World Editor - by a lot of authors
Terraining, Modeling, Coding... etc.. - by Hive Workshop users
Different Tutorials - by Users From Clan Mapz

Blizzard's own help - In the World Editor; 'Help>Warcraft III World Editor Help'. Opens a file from your wc3 folder into the internet browser.

Q – I have used the ‘Shallow Water’ tool to make a river. Then I filled it again with ‘Raise 1 Tool’. Now I have made a river shape with the ‘Lower Tool’ from the second toolset, but there is no water?
A – Step backward [Ctrl + Z] until you reach the point where you have the ‘Shallow Water’ river. Then uncheck the box called ‘Advanced>Enforce Water Height Limits’- Now you can fill the river and use the second lower tool as you did.

Q – Still do not works…?
A – Step totally backward until before you started the river. Then make sure ‘Advanced>Enforce Water Height Limits’ are checked. Use the ‘Shallow Water’ tool to make a river. Then uncheck the box called ‘Advanced>Enforce Water Height Limits’- Fill it again with ‘Raise 1 Tool’ and use the second lower tool to make a smooth river.

Q – I use the ‘Raise Tool’ from the second toolset and have now made some hills and mountains. They have a very squareish and weird from, can I make them smoother?
A – Yes of course you can! Use the tool called ‘Smooth’ in the second toolset. Pretty simple huh?

Q – Every time I create a new map it has lines all over it, creating some sort of a web. How I remove those?
A – It's called a ‘Grid’ and it's pretty easy to get rid of. Just tap the ‘G’ key at your keyboard. Eventually you can save your map and close the World Editor, start it and open the map again. Grid can be useful, so remember the hotkey [G]!

Q – I have a doodad and I have found a perfect rotation. The problem is that I have to find the same rotation every time. Is there any other way?
A – Yes you can find the right rotation, then press [SPACE] and select it. Press [Ctrl + C] followed by [Ctrl + V]. Now you can place it.

Q – Each time I place a doodad it randomly rotates, I have to create and delete each time until I find the right rotation. Any easier way?
A – Press [Z] and you will see a new rotation each time you press it under your cursor (The faded not placed doodad).

Q – I want to make my own rotations, how?
A – Place a doodad(s)/unit(s), press [SPACE], select the doodad(s)/unit(s), click and hold the [Ctrl] button on your keyboard and then click, hold the left mouse somewhere close to the doodad(s)/unit(s) and move it around. Then the doodad(s)/unit(s) will rotate and face where you point.

Q – I have placed an ‘Orc Watch Tower’, and I found this little torch doodad. How do I place it at the top of the tower?
A – This can be done with every doodad: Select the doodad(s) and press and hold [Ctrl] and use [PgUp] or [PgDn] to move the selected doodad(s) up or down. Repeat the action to move it higher or lower.

Q – How fog works?
A – A fog can be created by going to ‘Scenario>Map Options>Fog’. Check the ‘Use Terrain Fog’ box and make sure the drop-down-menu is sat to Linear. The default settings are ‘Start’ and ‘End’ - 3000 and 5000. These two values are distance from camera view. Using small values will create an intense color effect, while using high will make the fog tin.

Q – I want to create a fog a certain time in the game, how?
A – Go to the ‘Trigger Editor’ [F4] and create a new trigger or add this to your trigger. Create a new action and choose the section called ‘Environment’, then ‘Set Fog’. Rest is up to you!
Environment - Set fog to style Linear, z-start 1000.00, z-end 8000.00, density 0.00 and color (100.00%, 100.00%, 100.00%)”.

Q – How do I use weather effects?
A – You can create them with triggers and regions. Create a new region and then right click it, ‘Edit Region Properties’. Check the ‘Weather Effect’ box and pick one. With triggers, create a new trigger or add this to the trigger you want. New action, ‘Environment’ and ‘Create Weather Effect’.
Environment - Create at (Playable map area) the weather effect Ashenvale Rain (Heavy)

Q – I have made a custom doodad, but it seems that I can only rotate it 90* each time… Why?
A – Go to the custom doodad in ‘Object Editor’. Then the field ‘Art - Fixed Rotation’ and set it to ‘-1.00’.

Q – I cannot write a negative value in the field?
A - Hold down [Shift] and double click the field, to write negative values such as ‘-0.50’.

Q – I am using a tileset but I want to use a tile from another tileset. How can I do that?
A – ‘Advanced>Modify Tileset’. Then check the box called ‘Use Custom Tileset’. Now you can add and remove tiles.

Q – Is there any way I can replace a doodad or terrain tile with another?
A – ‘Advanced>Replace Tile’ and ‘Advanced>Replace Doodad’.

Q – I have created a map, but need more space, and I don’t want to start all over again. Do I have to create a totally new map and copy paste everything?
A – No you don’t have to. Click at ‘Scenario’ and then ‘Map Size and Camera Bounds’. Check the box called ‘Modify Map Bounds’. Now you can click at the ‘<’ or ‘>’ arrows at each side of the map to increase its size.

Q – It tells me ‘The full map size must be a multiply of in both dimensions’. What that means?
A – Whenever you create or edit a map size it must be, 32x32, 64x64, 96x96, 128x128, 160x160, 192x192, 224x224 or 256x256. When you edit the map size its displayed at the bottom right corner of the window, ‘Full:’.

Q – My editor lags when I try to change certain things.
A – Try ‘Window’ and uncheck the box called ‘Brush List’. It causes a lot of lag.

Q – At ‘Map Options’ I have sat the sky display, fog and weather effects. But they don’t show up in game, why?
A – Those are only visible in the editor by pressing [V] (Game View Settings). You have to trigger effects you want in game. All those can be found at the trigger category ‘Environment’.

Q – Where can I get other color codes?
A – Here ‘Link'.

Q – When I try to redo a lot of actions I have done with the terrain it stops after a certain number?
A – If you have saved your map before you did these actions, simply reload them. Else you can’t. To avoid it happen again, you go to ‘File>Preference’ and then set the max redo limit to a number that fits you.

Q – I have two tilesets and I am going to customize one of them with the other one. When I try to add a tile it says it cannot be added, removed or replaced. How can I add it?
A – Those tiles marked with a red square cannot be removed from their tileset or added. Go to the ‘Additional Textures’ drop-down-menu and choose either ‘Cliff Base Tiles’: ‘Group 1’, ‘Group 2’ or ‘Group 3’. Those contain the cliff tiles (marked with red square) and they can be added.

Q – When I place my doodad at a hill or raising in the terrain, it stands there and points up in the air. What must I do so it angle as the terrain are formed?
A – ‘Art - Max Roll Angle and Maximum Pitch Angle’. Change this field to a positive value (+1.00 or something).
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Level 24
Feb 28, 2007
Get rid of your signature and ditch the colored text.
About the actual content, fairly simple questions you answer, I must say.
I suppose this could be useful to some people, but I have a feeling that most people already know/are capable of finding it out themselves without the need of this tutorial.
Level 3
Aug 28, 2009
ok i have a simple question :pP when i make max hero lvl more then 10 in game i can only reach lvl 5 :pP example:f i make max lvl 9 hero retches lvl 9 , if i make lvl 60 hero max lvl will be 5 :p
it actually did help me. i did not know that the brush list contributed to lag, nor that it was possible to disable it, as i never bothered to investigate into the matter. now i can have a bigger minimap and model preview.
also, i did not know that doodads could be raised or tilted. i never looked into it. other than those things, most of the questions were EXTREMELEY simple.
Level 3
Aug 28, 2009
yeh i did havent changed anything else just set the maxherolvl to 60 and POW i get 5 lvl's max :( anywais il upload my map and ask someone to help me with ,,stuff"

EDIT: i will upload my map when i will find out how to do it -.- im new here :p
Level 3
Aug 28, 2009
wel i changed my mind i wont upload it till i get it done :)) but i have a new question. i want to make realistic river waterfalls its like the river goest to some point and the waterfall goes right thro the wall where the river ends how can i make that the river wouldnt end with wall ;\\ sorry for my eng, i think you will understand waht am i saying

and btw how can i add thease colour codes?? i have easyer ones they sounds like this dfj2352345textIr so i just fill the (text) part and it works but theres no text part in thease colour codes ;PP
Level 7
Aug 20, 2008
A – Those tiles marked with a red square cannot be removed from their tileset or added. Go to the ‘Additional Textures’ drop-down-menu and choose either ‘Cliff Base Tiles’: ‘Group 1’, ‘Group 2’ or ‘Group 3’. Those contain the cliff tiles (marked with red square) and they can be added.

where is that drop-down-menu?and the raise tool ctrl+page up doesnt work to me why?pls help..^^ _rep if someone help!
Level 1
Dec 3, 2009
I have problem.When i hold Ctrl and press PgUp or PgDn the doodad doesnt move up neither down instead it moves by diognal like im not even holding Ctrl.