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Beam Sword Attachment

This bundle is marked as useful / simple. Simplicity is bliss, low effort and/or may contain minor bugs.
just another attachment
this is Saber (Beam Sword)
its simple to make this
attachment.... when I whatching GGO
I start thinking that the Sword of Kirito in GGO
was Simple to make and I make it

I'm Busy now with my Problem
how gonna put multiple animation
its to hard when I Put new animation
there are going to merge with another
animation just like when I create Angel of War
just like the book when hes new animatio Stand Pray
the book was floating all animation was Affected

(Model Statue of Aszune


Beam Sword Attachment (Model)

10:05, 11th Jul 2015 MiniMage: Please add a death animation to this model.
Hayate what the hell happened to you men.
Also, this one's seem familiar... maybe they look too much the same than the other ones there already are? o well.

Probably because of the Texture choice lol
though me think he make this himself, look at the handle,

Edit: Come out open door with a Messy hair and beard "What?" Closes the door return to cave"