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Battling Ram Model (castle crashers)

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Hey, I'd really appreciate a model for the Battling Ram in Castle Crashers-

It doesn't need to be exact, all I want is a wooden box with a ram skull on the front, and at least one cannon (all 3, if not any trouble). Fire on the ram skull would be nice as well, but not required.
Animations are not quite as important; it would need only a death animations, and the rest of the animations be unmoving, however as long as it isn't too much of a hassle, I'd like it to have attack animations firing each cannon, as well as an animation for spell slam in which the box raises (just as in Castle Crashers), leaving a flat floor on the bottom. These animations are not as essential, however they would be appreciated.
Thanks for reading, and even more thanks to be given for making it!
It's looking nice. Only things I have to say are:
1: make the skull flattened against ram
2: make the skull taller, flatter, and thinner
3: Make the cannons bigger
4: All sides should be flat (cept for the flattish goat skull on the front
5: It's a Box. That means 6 sides. You're already using more than that with the bent roof.
6: It has 3 logs underneath it, not 2 wheels on each side.
7: Ram horns curl up twisting, not bending up like \_[o o]_/
8: Spikes on the side should be very small, and wooden.
9: If you haven't played castle crashers, I supposed you might have gotten this mixed up. Unlike most epic battle rams, the flaming goat skull is not on the end of a stick which is pushed out to ram the target. This is a Battling Ram, not a Battering Ram; It can slam, smash, shoot cannons, but it doesnt have a big ramming spike inside of it like a battering ram. The skull is actually simply part of the front wall of the ram.
I do realize this is a WIP, and I'm very satisfied with how it's going so far. Just tipping you on what I want it to end up looking like. Thanks a lot for helping!
Also, on the side note. I checked your sig. Nice UI.
Uh, dude, I already said I was satisfied with your progess so far, I wasn't mad at you. I understood that you weren't done yet.
I was just giving you a list of things to look out for.
Also, I don't see why you would need custom texture. Use a part of a wooden texture (not hard to find) for the ram, and then wrap a metal texture (not hard to find) onto the skull. You don't need a texture that looks like a ram skull to make a ram skull. Just shape your vertices into a ram skull and apply an in-game texture. I'm looking at the image you uploaded previously and I see all of the needed textures already. Keep in mind, I'm not asking you to make it look cartoonish like Castle Crashers. I do want it to fit into Warcraft III, so the texture you're using look perfectly fine.
Again, thank you for working on it. But, try to avoid using custom textures, I'm already importing several models to make my terrain.
If you end up needing a custom texture, feel free to ask me, I can save you the time. I can draw pretty good, I just don't make models because I don't have the right programs for making/removing vertices. All I have is War3ModelEditor, xD. I use it to make models a lot but not for something like this.
Also, I'd like you to e-mail me the model at [email protected] every now and then so I can have a peek at it, as long as that isn't a hassle.
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Just because the XBOX 360 game is cartoon, doesn't mean I want my game to be cartoon.
The castle crasher models are indeed cartoon, although they do at least have the shading effects of 3-D in their textures, and so they aren't completely plain as cartoon..
There's no point importing textures to make something look less real. It's not as bad for a hero to stand out, but when one unit in an enemy faction is cartoon while the rest are not, it doesn't fit in. Know what I mean?
Anyways, could you gimme a picture or e-mail me the model WIP or something, I'm itching to know how it's going :)
Okay sure. I've been making a texture (different thing), so no real WiP. Im gonna make a completely new Battling ram that includes the points youve asked. I also need my brother to help me out here and there with animation so I cant really finish it soon. Ill start in the next week or something. The short story comp might also affect finish date too. Anyway I will make it sooner or later, and ill post here when i do.
It's looking alright, here's the things I have to point out (I'm sure you know most of them and are working on them, but I'd rather point them out just in case)
1: It needs a better wooden texture
2: The skull mouth should not be present on the front. The skull should be angled in a way that it is looking somewhat downwards, and the jaw is viewed from the side.
3: Your cannons actually looked better on the previous version. (Although they weren't quite right in that version either) The cannons need to be very large, and grey. Not little bright boxes.
4: Log wheels (I'm sure you simply haven't made them yet and plan on making them. Just making sure to remind you)
5: Stretch the head. The snout should extend down across the entire front of the battle ram, while tilted. As seen in the picture.
Side note: I would prefer the horns be spiraled as in the image, and having lines making them distinguishable as ram horns, however the horns are satisfactory the way they are, if you do not want to further work on them.
Thanks for working on it and thanks for giving me the image for your WIP. You actually said you were start the recreation sometime next week. Thanks for working on it so soon.
*I cant spiral the horns because there is no good texture and it would take too much polys.
*I also cant find any wood texture that is stuck together (like bricks).
*It is hard to "sculpt" the goat head to make it look like one properly, no matter what i do modelling-wise, it will not look like a goat head.
Also, I just want to say, if you use too many textures, it actually raises the filesize a fair bit. That's why I tried to limit the amount of textures used.
If you could find textures for the three points I asked, it would make the overall model look better. If you cant, I cant really help you on the texture inquiries.
BTW Yes, I havent put logs yet,
Aight, it's looking good so far, here are a few things to change:
1: Wooden texture is way too dark
2: Cannons should have smaller circumference near the lower portions.
3: Cannons need to be a bit more grey
The logs underneath are looking good!
I don't quite understand why you've restarted the model so many times, because it's been looking decent every time. Anyways, hope you get the skull made soon, thanks.
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