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Battlesong - Beta - v0.10

Submitted by EL-DarKo
This bundle is marked as substandard. It may contain bugs, not perform optimally or otherwise be in violation of the submission rules.
Hello, this i my attempt to make a nice AoS map, this map was made by me, i take credit for everything except the models, spell models, and Skins.

Below is credit given to those who has created the skins/spell models/models, all models were downloaded from this site, so i give this site credit too.
Credits: General-Frank, JetFangInferno, Shamanyouranus, alfredx_sotn, Champara Bros, BurninRose, WILLTHEALMIGHTY, Glen Elendra, Pyritie, Freezer, Daelin, Norinrad.

Notice: This is a beta, the map is not 100% done and has not been tested to its full. If you encounter any bugs or have any great ideas, message me at Quick_ways_easier@hotmail.com.

Thanks, EL-Darko

Battlesong - Beta - v0.10 (Map)

11:16, 14th Apr 2009 by bounty hunter2: See post #3, don't upload maps like this here, Rejected.
  1. 11:16, 14th Apr 2009 by bounty hunter2:
    See post #3, don't upload maps like this here, Rejected.
  2. APproject


    Jun 27, 2008
    Author is Unknown, please fix this.
  3. Zelda.Alex


    Dec 7, 2008
    Battlesong - Beta - v0.10
    I played it in single player.

    1.....Some description of the heroes is needed
    2.....Place the credits in the quest menu
    3.....You can use the quest menu for placing description of the map. Placing description about the heroes can help the map.
    4.....The maps is balanced. Initially the orcs gained upper hand on the lanes. After some time the humans gained an upper hand on 2 lanes. A perfectly balanced AoS has creeps which attack each other in the middle.
    5.....Why do the shops have 100 items each? Looks odd. No one will be able to buy that much without cheats so it is not needed. Also the inventory is maximum 6 so why that much?
    6.....The terrain is mediocre. The lanes are fully straight. Also plain terrain in the map? You can ask for help in project recruitment in Map Development section if you need help for improving.
    7.....Making the towers near the bases more powerful would be better.
    8.....Place Hotkeys for the abilities.
    9.....Making the map fully symmetrical is not a very good idea in my opinion.
    10.....You should place some creeps in the map because the number of units spawning is high & I realized that they were too powerful.
    11.....Some other feature is needed in the map otherwise no originality.
    12.....What does the top right box counts? I have no ides. It is reading 0 so I i think that it does not count unit kill.
    13.....The units give too low gold for enabling me to buy anything.
    14.....The author is Unknown

    My Rating: 1/5 & Vote for Disapproval

    >You have used terrain changes only at the places separating the lanes & no where else.
    >Poor Description in the map
    >No Fun Factor
    >No originality

    It is your first map & the first try cannot go too good. Do not take the rating too hard & try to improve.

    Refer to the Map Development Section always for some review on the map before submitting the map in here. You can also refer to Project Recruitment in case you need help.

    Hope that I get to see an improved version.