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Battle Shaman Arena 0.1

This bundle is marked as useful / simple. Simplicity is bliss, low effort and/or may contain minor bugs.
Battle Shaman Arena - 0.1 (test version)

the style of the map is very different from everything that has been seen before.
its comparable to the unpopular third person action game "rune".

players roam an arena, picking up weapons and shields fighting each other.

mana is gained by dealing damage, and can be spent to cast powerful spells.

the general focus of the map is in creating a feeling of melee fighting,
in the most atmospheric way possible. the map itself is of experimental nature,
and when i started it i aimed way to high, therefore the map will probably never be finished or continued in this form.

plans were to create a shitload of balanced weapons / shield items
shitloads of powerup items
shitloads of arenas with secrets, traps and fancy shit
shitloads of interesting game modes

give it a try, you will be pleasantly surprised by the fighting system.
the overall mechanics of the map tough might be unstable.

shaman battle fight dirt rusty sword crush crash shield arena orc warrior rpg fps tps third person first shooter camera atmosphere atmospheric

Battle Shaman Arena 0.1 (Map)

04:09, 30th Jul 2010 ap0calypse: Rejected
Level 4
Sep 2, 2006
First of all, I hate coloured map names because I can't just search, ok 12 players Battle Shaman Arena, ok go to Bs. No, I have to wade into all the coloured names and get lost, so I FINALLY found your map and hosted it, I got people fairly quickly.

So we get in and all I see is black, I see a little island with some stuff, first off I can see all the dummy units, and there is a teleporter and shops ok.. Well that would be ok if I had a unit to buy them, so I start guessing gamemodes? As well as trying to read tips, most of them refer to F9 yet there is NO quests. After what feels like 5 minutes the game starts? All this time people are bitching and whining.

So were playing WOO and now everyone spawns on top of each other what? Ok well I have an ability ok I attack and get 22 mana then I lose it in 1.2 seconds, I cant even click the ability that quick wow, you can't 'que' the ability because it has no mana. Anyways so I rush over to the shops, ok only stats, good they cost lumber. Ok and I have 10 I quickly scan them and guess strength YES strength not strenght anyways so I buy the 10 strength and rush into the portal because everyone is hitting each other. I just pushing into a chase cam, that is ok I was expecting that I find a shield ok cool and a club sweet I bet I could finally kill someone! I walk a bit more and find someone and start attacking them, I notice since I have the club and strength I do more damage and thus get more mana so I can least use my ability, well good that does because I can NEVER hit him with it, and I notice he has a huge ice axe which does WAY more damage than my club, and I get double teamed ok I die...

I respawn back at the first place and re-enter the portal. I find where I died and pick up my club I look around for some items but find another person, I start after them and realize they can't see me because I am behind them, they stop and I attack, I notice it was blue who helped orange kill me, and notice he has that huge ice axe...great I start trying to use my ability again but it NEVER hits, I look and see a larger and more reddish club behind him ok, so I go to pick it up and drop my old club ok..I turn around and lose a lot of health and then die. I then give up and type this.