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Barrens Outpost

This bundle is marked as useful / simple. Simplicity is bliss, low effort and/or may contain minor bugs.
An Orc outpost lies in the rocky barrens guarding the borders between the northern and the southern barrens.Also there are 2 mercenary camps on the top of the canyon guarded by harpies (1 to the east and 1 to the west) and 2 centaur camps who have take control of of a goblin merchant (1 to the norht and 1 th the south). There are 2 ways to pass to the other side: a) from a natural orc outpost, b) from 2 canyon ways one guarded by quillboars.

Available players 4
Suggested players 2vs2

2 Goblin Merchant
2 Mercenary Camps
8 Gold mines (4 of them start locatoins

2 Red
6 Orange
10 Green






First of all Blizzard for making the game.
And to my self for making one more small part from a place somewhere in Kalimdor


Warcraft 3

Barrens Outpost (Map)

15:12, 14th Mar 2015 Orcnet: My review
Level 21
Nov 4, 2013
Good job on this melee map Eric. I can gladly say you've done a decent melee map. The terrain is great, the item drops are mostly appropriate and the map is symmetrical and balanced but I still have a few suggestions:

1- Create custom doodads for the orc buildings you used because doodads cannot be destroyed but neutral passive buildings can be destroyed. Also, remove those orcs because it would be ridiculous to be able to kill them while they stand like idiots watching me
2- The Quillboar Hunters should drop maximum a level 3 item so a level 4 item is unsuitable
3- Use tags to hide your screenshots and make them openable with a click, like this
Screenshots are put here

Simply quote my comment to see exactly how I did it.

I feel that this melee map is decent enough to be approved. I will give it 3/5 and vote for APPROVAL!

Deleted member 238589


Deleted member 238589

Not bad, I have a few complains, though.

The terrain looks a bit too sharp on a few occasions. Try smoothing it out a bit, because it looks a bit ugly in a few occasions, especially around the player bases. Also, the cliffs could use some work, too. They look too unnatural, which is mostly visible in the middle, while the situation is a bit better on the eastern and western parts of the map, where the caves are located. Those caves are decorated nicely, but the outside areas are pretty much doodad-free. The starting locations could use more trees. Other than that, the map itself is symmetric. The tile variation is decent.

The creep drops are messy at some places, and are usually overpowered. You need to adjust them a bit more. Also, you should put the creep camps in the player start location, too. If you don't, the players in 1v1 matches will have two empty gold mines, free for the taking.

I agree with Shadow Fury's take on those orcs and buildings in the center of the map. Replace those buildings with doodads, and the orcish units are unnecessary in my opinion, but that's up to you.

Overall, it is good, but it needs a bit more work. Rated 2.5/5 and AWAITING UPDATE. I will change my rating once you work on these thing I mentioned. Good luck.

EDIT: I forgot to mention, the map is not using the latest patch. To change this go to Scenario>Options>Game Data Set>Melee (Latest Patch)
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Level 30
Jul 31, 2010
The map doesn't really look proportional to melee standards, so to say the entire map overall.

It is moderately consumed by trees, for such idea would only let destructible tree worker units to harvest around the map, gaining attention to nearby creep post and be spotted by wandering enemy units, and the way the cliff designs aren't natural, it is more like a cheap cutout which is very not nice.

The way you use the cliffs as some sort of blockade to eye intention for making a 2v2 map is not the right way to work with cliffs, if you do want to learn please do attention on our terrain tutorials here in this forum, it will gradually improve your visuals and practice with it. For now the very map looks very monotone and not useful.

The ground layout is ludicrously wide, not to mention the expansion sites and creep area looks tight, giving it ironically reversed in a way it should be the opposite. It would nice if the map is covered with well-made terrain enough to compose both game play and visual appearance for players to play it, unfortunately. Both direly lacks enough statistics.

The main starters or player location is unguarded, playing this at 1v1 can make me directly macro in just a matter of seconds, it is unjust and wrongly due to the design of the map.

For now I recommend you to use this file as a practice of sort, but not in a way it is considered for approval, much or less be given a second chance for input-output observation.