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balloon i made coz im bored
its a balloon made by me ofcourse
i need to make 30 words xD
its not useful i think bhut funny


balloon (Icon)

20:38, 17th Sep 2009 zombie2279: Could be useful.




20:38, 17th Sep 2009
zombie2279: Could be useful.
i will made only the other if its good please w8 for more comment (im to lazy)

and maybe i will make diffent collors

I have ButtonManager v1.7 and it make DISBTN, DISPAS automaticaly without asking me :smile: and it is good.
I dont know how much lazy you are to do not make DISBTN but seems
you are a lot :xxd:
I am lazy to make shading because it is HARD with MS Paint.

NOTE: I am using MSP, cuz I still learning uther paint programs.