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Awakening Mod - Help Needed

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I'm going to make my own mod for Warcraft III , but i dont know everything what i need. I dont know where can i post this, so i chosed this.

- Can i make a new custom 3D background?
I know there is in .mdx files. But how can i make a new? How to create the environment like campaign screens?

- Can i change the icon of the exe file ?
I changed with the ResHacker, but it totally crash my exe file, and my game wont start. Other way?

- How can i add new races?
I red some guides from this, but i dont want to make custom maps and add new races on. I mean new races what can be selectable after the basic races.

- Human
- Orc
- Undead
- Night elf
- Custom1
- Custom2
- Custom3

How to do this? I've seen in some mods, but i dont found anything for this method.

Here is about my mod, called " Warcraft III - Awakening "

Some planned features:

- New icon for my mod's exe file
- New start up screen
- New logo (upper left in menu)
- Re-color the menu buttons

- Add new races and rework existing
--New units
--New heroes
--Custom stuff (models,sounds,etc...)

- Add new campaign
--The Awakening storyline

- Add new maps
--New melee maps for playing
--Some of my map creations like RPG styled maps

- New User Interface for each race

Thats enough for first. Can anyone help me with this things?

Not open for further replies.