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Attack on the Villager

DUTY OF RS Presents
Attack on the Villager

Save the poor villager from the Eastern states of Dendor to manage to achieve victory.
This isn't an normaly TD map like any others out there. This is a TD where you need to carefully look at what you are going to buy. And use strategy to win. There will be 2 spawning points for the enemies. 1 is for the General Throk, where it is an normal kind of TD styled theme. The 2th is where the Attackers are going to attack the poor villager. Which the just spawn very close to the villager, and try to kill him. There is Normal splash towers, bouncing missile's towers, normal attack style towers, frozen towers, poision tower, aura towers and Hero Tower. The Hero tower got very high DMG with his abilities. Tho, it will take time for him to refuel his mana over time.
There will be boss waves that General Throk is gonna send, where you can gain a lot of money by killing them. There will be Money waves from the Attackers, where you gain a huge amount of money.
Tho, there is nothing special about the Terrain on this map. But i might eventualy update it over time.
Selenisko, HateCrew, Darkholme, Sin'dorei300
"If i have forgotten anyone, please PM me!"

=====Extra Information=====
General Throk Waves: 40
Attacks on the villager waves: 60
General Throk's Boss waves: 4-5
Multiplayer can also be played on the Battle net.
Kill the last Boss from Throk's army to achieve victory.
Or gain Victory by slowing the Boss until the timer has reached 0 and you have won.
Defeat can be gained if the Villager is dead.
Or if Throk's army has espaced with 30 units.


"NEW" 19.10.2016
The game has gotten some new features, that is optional to download.
*The Villager has gotten a new look, he looks like an villager now.
*Brand new design on the map.
*More custom stuff.
*Lowered the file size with almost 200 kb

Good Bye
Attack on the Villager, DUTY OF RS, TD, Tower Defense, Survival

Attack on the Villager (Map)

Attack on the Villager (Map)

StoPCampinGn00b 00:09, 6th Jul 2015 Map Moderated - Attack on the Villager (Version Unknown) Comment - My Review and Ardenian's Review Verdict - Approved, 3/5 Other [TR]Map Submission Rules Staff Contact The Hive's StaffMap Reviewers...
Level 12
Mar 30, 2013

Map is Unprotected!
So... Feel free to do whatever you want with it, learn from it or modify it.

And thank you everyone for downloading my map! Just achieved 1000 Downloads! Will update it later because i got a lot of other things to do.

BUT!!! Do not upload on other sites without my permision!
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Level 1
Apr 24, 2015
I tried alone, and i must admit, it's hard and pretty good.

Good things :
- Custom skins & custom attacks
- Original (The players must defend the middle (to defend the villagers) and protect the big lane).
- Seem balanced.
- Some events which help the players

Bad Things :
- Well... If you let the level 1 creeps hit the villager, you will win this game without using any tower near the middle. (These creeps block the others) I suggest for this one to add a timer bomb on the unit (and if it explode it deal x 10 base damage to villagers around him)
- The first time i tried this map i was like "Where the creeps spawn?" (if you can add just two pings on the spawns)

3/5 Well done !
Level 12
Mar 30, 2013
Hey, and thanks for the review already!

1. Thanks for all the Good things.
2. I know that the creeps (level 1) can surround the villager and deliver small amount of DMG. But over time, there will be creeps that is really strong that can kill the villager fast enough if you havent builded. Tho, its a good thing to build there because, the most of the money is there.
3. Its quite obviously where they are spawning but, i might change it over time...

To last, thank you very much. Take your first +Rep!




I am big fan of tower defence games and yours is one I am surely going to play often.

I played it in single player and I have to say, there are good things and there are things that are very unenjoyably.

+ positive things
- gold coins pop up around the inner circle
- you offer different towers to build
- waves aren't underpowered or overpowered, but seem balanced
- two different things the player has to pay attention to: the outer line and the middle

- things I did not enjoyed that much
- the middle, where the villager is, is strange to defend. I build towers around the area, but due to their range it feels odd that they have to be luckily in range. That means, even with having strong enough towers you have to be luckly and you easily lose the game, as the villager keeps running around the middle. -> it is simply unfair and not based on tower build or player skills
- Aura towers are way too weak, they are not worth the money, I mean 0,35%, that's ridiculous low ( Example: A tower with 1.00 Atk speed has with aura 0.9965)

- For upgrade towers, you could use the same name of the tower instead of 'Third, Fourth, ...'
-> Example: Single-Attack tower -> Upgrade to Single-Attack tower [2].
It is just a little detail I noticed for myself.
- The creep spawn question that Krouchnoufnouf already mention, well, it is obvious, but you could add a ping or for this, too.
- Please add range information to the tower build information, too.
- There are some tooltip mistakes ( like the aura choose speed aura and the first aura speed bonus) as well as some grammar mistakes.
- You could give opportunities to influence the villager, like a healing tower or aura tower only influencing for villager

Basically, I think the concept is very interesting, but personally I would change the middle danger. What do you think about making a second wave spawn that runs the inner line to teleport to the middle instead of creeps spawning ?

The terrain is, well, empty, but I don't think it is a subject that really matters here. You could add some doodads, tho.
Level 22
Aug 27, 2013
Same here, I just love Tower Defense maps. So I would like to share my opinion about your map as well, here it goes.

It is nice that you make two spawn location for players to pay attention to. I don't know if there was any TD maps where we have to pay attention to two points but this is certainly the first for me to play.

The Gold Coins part is also helpful to earn money. But I didn't know there was any gold coin nearby. Maybe it's just because i'm not sharp enough to realize there was gold coins spawn nearby. How about telling the players about that?

I don't really like the aura tower. As Ardenian mentioned, they are too weak and not worth the money. My suggestions are the same as Ardenian's but maybe you should add more info about the basics and the feature in the game info.

overall, it required me to play it several times to actually won but i had fun.
Level 12
Mar 30, 2013
Wow! Didnt know it would be so good!
To be totaly honest. I't was never ment to that i should release it. Never.
But i did, rather than deleting it.
So i didnt actualy made everything so perfect neither :p

So, lets start with your reviews!
[Before i start i will thank you both for making the review, as it means soooo much to me!]

-The ping.
I can make the ping for both spawn locations, even if i have mentioned it on the description. Like i said above, i was never thinking about to release this map.
But i can fix it over time, ofcourse!

-The Terrain.
Also i mentioned in the description, i will update it with some extremly high quality of doodas over time. I would have done it, if i got enough likes etc. And it looks like it did, so im gonna go for it.

-The Aura Towers.
I will fix it. No problem.

-The Gold Spawn.
I will make an ping location when they are spawning.

Some grammas will be changed, so with the description of the towers.

Tho, the game is "Medium" Difficulty gameplay. Means, you need to play it some times to be known with the towers and so on.
I have played it dozens of times, and i still manage to lose some times *,_,*

But i will make the update later, but for now, i am ever greatful for you reviews! :)
Level 32
Apr 2, 2013


Attack on the Villager is a simple and mildly unique cooperative TD map. Perhaps the unique aspect of the map won't impress the general public, but nevertheless it's something new. The core of the map works well, but it's lack of fan favorite TD features might be a turn off for some.​
Starting off the map players would be pleased at the sight of an short but informative quest log explaining the basics, but it still isn't enough to prevent some mishaps. The first wave starts too quickly that'll make the map en-route for early, frustrating leaks for one player or not-so-skilled players. Luckily, I was playing with another player and he backed me up. Still, it shouldn't be this way as it sets a bad first impression.

Progressing further into the map, players should be able to understand the key concepts of the map because of it's simplicity. There are an abundance of towers and upgrades, but what's lacking is the variation between them. All the towers except the Freeze, Splash, Air, and the three aura towers have little difference between them. Since the map almost completely takes away attack type strategies due to all creeps being piercing and all but one attacking tower having piercing damage, most of the towers share the same purpose specializing in the same thing. While there are little differences such as non-game changing abilities and slight damage and attack speed variations, it's too little that it makes some towers pointless in existing. This is not at all a problem though, it just takes away strategy that some TD players value.

Since the middle section is a key feature of the map, I personally would like for the middle to be revamped to make it more interesting and skill based. Perhaps having the villager be user controlled with abilities along with making the region wider would bring more excitement to the map. The outer area seems fine if you would like to cater to those who want to pass time instead of think.

People who don't care about harmless bugs and slight inconsistencies would probably find the map to be fine and or fun, but for those with higher expectations of general quality and consistency might be disappointed. Yes, few units do get stuck but likely don't cause players any pain. The tool-tip description of towers works to a minimum, but much more valuable information could be added such as the range and what type of units its better against. I have one complaint on the lack of description on Denar; it doesn't say I should put it in the lane because of the immolation! If I happened to be a player to put it on the outside, I would feel cheated for my money I spent. Anyway, moving on. The multiboard is functions and informative but doesn't show another players kills. The -wave is informative but won't nearly be as informative if the waves are announced.

Despite all the little things people are destined to nitpick, the map's gameplay could be an entertaining grind and something fresh for those in search for a new TD map which don't come around often.
TD maps are known for being the map type where the visuals of the map matter so much less than every other map type in general. Should you decorate it more, like you say, I don't think it would make much of a difference. But right now, the map is below average for TD maps due.

Some of the models (By some, I mean two) are pretty badass, though. Good job on picking those out, even though you could have gotten more. But for the rest of the map, it's rather bland and uninspiring.​
You got a decent description and there isn't much more you could state about it. Also, while this map is rated a three, my personal user rating leans on the 2.5 side.​



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Level 12
Mar 30, 2013
Hello StopCamp.
First of all, thank you for your review!
(Take a +Rep along with it!)

I really like the review, and i wish to give some answears back to you.

Starting off the map players would be pleased at the sight of an short but informative quest log explaining the basics, but it still isn't enough to prevent some mishaps. The first wave starts too quickly that'll make the map en-route for early, frustrating leaks for one player or not-so-skilled players.
I made this map just because of me. So i made it go really quickly, because i knew the map more or less everything.
I have one complaint on the lack of description on Denar; it doesn't say I should put it in the lane because of the immolation! If I happened to be a player to put it on the outside, I would feel cheated for my money I spent.
Very well... (Dont know what to say.)
Since the middle section is a key feature of the map, I personally would like for the middle to be revamped...

In my opinion, its good enough.
You said that the Villager should have abilities. Wouldnt that be lame to see a Peasant using abilities?
I think i will make an update later, but for now, its good... ^^
Dont know what to say.

Well, thanks anyway!




Just because your map is approved it should not stop you from working on your map.
In my opinion, the approval is rushed, as I personally see the middle as very unfair at the moment.
Level 18
Jun 15, 2012
The creeps get stuck quite often, and to be honest, there is no reason to unstuck them.
as i see it now, when playing in 3, one player should focus on antiair/utility, one on the middle, farming up gold to help later on, and one on the raw damage
(middle is fine, with just one tower at the bottom and one at the top you can hold pretty well the first levels)
do bounce towers actually bounce? Looks more like a multishot tbh.
Overall i found the map is pretty entertaining, different from other tds, with a good difficulty scaling imo