Ashenvale Intrusion

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DeathChef presents!

Ashenvale Intrusion


Map story
You where in the deeps of Ashenvale when you think you seen an enemy and decided to setup base for mining gold. Later on in the day you find out that you weren't just seeing things and end up cutting down the trees to the enemys base for a big battle.

Map propertys
Players: 2
Gold mines: 4
Taverns: 2
Goblin Labrotorys: 2
Creepcamps: 6

This camera isn't the normal ingame camera!

The map can be a fast to medium consuming game and require prediction of what the other player is gonna do. This map has many different strategies for you to find out and is not your usual melee map.

I hope you enjoy my first released melee map!
And remember criticizem always welcome :)

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Ashenvale Intrusion (Map)

09:58, 2nd Apr 2011 -Kobas-: Status: Rejected
nice for challenges, but maybe you should increase the map size a little. Also i like that you can cut the trees near your 2-nd mine and attack the enemy from behind. Nice tactic.
Also, you should remove these taverns. they're unuseful. Dont put taverns in 2-player maps. Otherwise, very nice, the terrain is awesome x)
Good Job :)
3.75 / 5 +rep

just uploaded my mele map and saw this x)
lol thx for the comment. And whats with melee map comong back xD. I will remove the taverns only if someone else wants them removed. But the map size is nice for stratigy but also if someone else wants map size increased I might make another one of these maps but seperate. hope that people make the best of this game and remember these types of maps dont realy support AI so plz find other people to play is with :p
Level 9
Sep 18, 2010
welcome back to Warcraft 2, downloading :p

Terrain is good has a good amount of Tile Variations
Doodads ? They're a bit less Imo and not so very well placed

The gameplay isn't much different from the other maps like thing which might had been posted before
though I have a small suggestion You can replace the middle Trees with Canopy ones, the small scaled units such as Footman/Workers can pass through them that might make it a bit different.

2/5 Lacking

The map's Good for Wc2 Fans but anyone out there can make a similar one, the gameplay has to be different/unique to get attention here..
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Level 30
Jul 31, 2010
hello I played your map. the 1v1 melee match is fine with me. but the only thing that disturbs me. the creep camps. how come all of the creeps had different camp stands? organize them so that it looks good. and speaking of creep camps. the expansion sites are too harsh, maybe just a group of spiders or furblogs are fine but lizards in 1v1? that's hard. well that's the only problem I encountered in your melee.
Thnx for the reviews:). I myself am not a great fan of melee maps my self but making melees helps me in improving my terraining skills for future mapping. As I said before this is my first melee map upload so I don't know what to expect from the people here and helps me understand what people want out of maps so I can one day become a better entertainer. So thanks for reviews:p