Art Job! Manticore!

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Feb 22, 2008
So, I thought of a champion concept for the game League of Legends, and
drew an outline for the champion art.
It's fine if you want to redo the entire picture, but I would like him to keep the
same stance and parts, like his wings, scorpion tale and lion body.
The picture of him is in the link, it's the first reply (by me) to the thread
(by me).

His wings are bat's wings.
His paws/hands have claws on top of them like the shaman claws.
His scorpion tale is silver and the poison is purple.
His fur is orange and yellow/white.
He doesn't have a man's face, he has a lions face.
Red, orange or greenish yellow eyes, your choice.
Very muscular.
Leather loincloth.

It doesn't need to be very good or made on the computer, I'll accept all
submissions as long as it's under 5. If it's over 5 (which I doubt) I'll just
accept my favorite 5.

Please email me at [email protected] if/when you make a picture.
Thanks community! :p
Not open for further replies.