Argent Captain

This bundle is marked as useful / simple. Simplicity is bliss, low effort and/or may contain minor bugs.
An Argent Dawn Captain or Footman, completly made from modified Blizzard textures. Inspiration was this:
The texture now also works for the ImperialCaptain-model, made by Wolverabid (see preview picture)
Textures: ©Blizzard Entertainment

Update 04/10/2016: Fixed the Legs and some other small issues. Left the shield though, it might be abit blurry if you look close, because of the wrapping, but I really like it's look from afar so I didn't change it.
Footman, The, Captain, Argent, Dawn, Crusade, Scarlet, Plaguelands, Scourge, Tirion, Fordring, Imperial.

Argent Captain (Texture)


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Level 52
May 7, 2010
In order to approve this, I will have to ask you to remove the copy-pasted WoW skin parts from it and remake those entirely from scratch. Our Skin Submission Rules require a skin to contain 75% freehand work for it to be in an approvable state.
This is moved to Substandard/Too Simple section. Please do not upload this skin again and instead focus on updating it by removing the mentioned parts and do some work there.

Feel free to message me or make a Staff Contact thread if you've decided to update it and you would like to have it reviewed once more.