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Arcane obserwatory with birt animation

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Level 3
Aug 10, 2004
I need Arcane Obserwatory with normal human birth animation.
Now it has strange birth animation, because it is animation of repearing it (or sth like this)

Or if someone has time, I would like to ask for animations to arcane obserwatory:
- First animation of Arcane Obbserwatory with only one tower (also with birth animation)
- Secondly Arcane Obserwatory without 2 towers (with animation of upgrade from Arcane Obserwatory with only 1 tower)
- And last thing is animation of upgrade Arcane Obserwatory without 2 towers to normal Arcane Observatory.
With this I could use Arcane Obserwatory as town hall for Elven race.
Ofcourse I`ll add to credits person who will make for me this model.

LOL I`ve written Arcane Obserwatory 8 times :)
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