Arathi Basin

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Feb 6, 2009

The Arathi Basin, located in Arathi Highlands, is a fast and exciting Battleground. The Basin itself is rich with resources and coveted by both the Horde and the Alliance. The Forsaken Defilers and the League of Arathor have arrived at Arathi Basin to wage war over these natural resources and claim them on behalf of their respective sides.

General Infos

Both sides of up to 6 players each compete to occupy the five resource nodes spread throughout Arathi Basin.

Each claimed node generates resources for the owning team. The more nodes your team controls, the quicker you gain natural resources. The first team that gains 2,000 resources wins.

Victory in Arathi Basin goes to the team that can accumulate 2,000 resources first.

Controlling one resource node begins a slow trickle of resources to your side. Seizing additional resource nodes multiplies the flow of resources exponentially.

The five spots up for grabs are the smithy in the middle of the Basin, the stables near the Alliance base, the farm near the Horde base, the gold mine in the northeast of the map, and the lumber mill in the southwest.

Marking each node is a neutral flag and if a flag is clicked on, the entire Battleground will be notified by message that the node has been captured. In a matter of seconds, your flag will replace the current flag, and a few minutes later, resources will start pouring in.
If you already own a node, the opposing team can still swoop in and steal it. But with five nodes in total, controlling all of them can be a great challenge. In the end, as long as you hold more nodes than the other team, you'll quickly advance to victory.

For Heroes we will take the normal WoW heroe classes, means: Paladin, Warrior, Rogue, Shaman, Mage, Warlock, Priest, Druid, Hunter and the Deathknight. I dont know so far if i will make something like the talent tree with three different ways to skill your hero, or just make one for general.
I am at the moment not sure how to handle an experience system and the question if ingame items will be available.
For criticism and ideas write me a Pm or just post in the Thread.

This the Map we are talking about:


Multiple nice screenshots are on thiis page: World of Warcraft Europe -> Info -> Schlachtfelder -> Arathibecken

If somebody knows how to hide the picture in these buttons please tell me. Couldnt find out that secret so far...

Edit 22.03.2007
-Beginning with terraining, first steps.
-Island started.
-LumberMill-Hills and Goldmine-Valley started.
-Water and pathes started.

Edit 24.03.2007
Edited terrain:
-Edited water
-Added bridges
-Goldmine added
-Pathes reworked



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Feb 6, 2009
The last 2 screenshots in your post. Are these the terrain of the map or you used the images from somewhere?
Its out of WoW. Made by someone with low quality but i decided to show them because they show the basin in total.
Just so you know its called rougue not assasin :grin:
Schaman is actually spelled shaman
Im not that good in speaking english and i just played german WoW so that there will always be some mistakes in my posts. Thanks for the hint I will fix that :wink: