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Aoe Entagling Roots

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Level 25
May 11, 2007
Gimme a sec.

EDIT: Copy units, abilities and triggers to map. Make sure you have the Preferences->"Create unknown variables" checked.


  • LordDz_aoe_entangling_roots.w3x
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Jun 10, 2013
Damn thanks again LordDz !

EDIT: IT WORKS AMAZINGLY ! thank you so much

Hey I've manage to make an aoe holy light the same way you did the aoe above but I want to make it multi leveled using the same stats as the single cast holy light but the aoe would increase each level 200/300/400
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Aug 31, 2014
double post btw and
[trigger=the trigger]AOE Entangling
Unit - A unit Starts the effect of an ability
(Ability being cast) Equal to (==) Mass Roots (Give this to the Hero)
Set SpellLevel = (Level of Mass Roots (Give this to the Hero) for (Triggering unit))
Set tempPlayer = (Owner of (Triggering unit))
Set tempPoint1 = (Target point of ability being cast)
-------- --------------- --------
-------- Spell --------
Set AbilityAdd = Aoe Entangle (Used by the dummy unit)
-------- Radius --------
Set tempReal = 650.00
-------- Dummy --------
Unit - Create 1 Dummy Spellcaster for tempPlayer at tempPoint1 facing 0.00 degrees
Set tempUnit = (Last created unit)
Unit - Add AbilityAdd to (Last created unit)
Unit - Set level of Aoe Entangle (Used by the dummy unit) for tempUnit to SpellLevel
Unit - Add a 2.00 second Water Elemental expiration timer to tempUnit
-------- --------------- --------
Set tempGroup1 = (Units within tempReal of tempPoint1 matching ((((Owner of (Matching unit)) is an enemy of tempPlayer) Equal to (==) True) and (((Matching unit) is alive) Equal to (==) True)))
Unit Group - Pick every unit in tempGroup1 and do (Actions)
Loop - Actions
Unit - Order tempUnit to Night Elf Keeper Of The Grove - Entangling Roots (Picked unit)
Custom script: call RemoveLocation(udg_tempPoint1)

just add the few lines and it should work and be levelable
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