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AOE danger indicator

Level 3
Jun 21, 2017
Hi i am currently making a Campaign which focuses mainly on bossfights and am having a hard time finding a good model to function as a warning for the player that an Aoe that needs to be dodged is incoming.

So far i am using precision aura but it doesn't really look well with abilities like flame strike or an avalanche of rocks.

I'm thinking about something more simple and universal along the lines of what is present in World of Warcraft Bossfights. Just an easily visible semi transparent circle on the ground which maybe pulsates or spins a little to make it more noticable.

Does anyone have any idea where i could find something which could fulfill that role? Or maybe have the will to make something similar if nothing of the sort exists?

Thanks a lot in advance for all help and suggestions.


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Level 3
Jun 21, 2017
Sorry but I was having to much fun making this, it's basically delayed random explosions but with indicators at the edge of the radius.
Mr Cheese & his wonderful Random Explosions | HIVE

Also Relevant to your original post:
Quest Marking Aura
Hand of Freedom Aura Buff
The thing you used with a dummy unit that has the spinning orbs from the blood mage might be what I end up going for.
Thx for the idea. And actually that also makes the explosions appearing at random a whole lot easier cause I just need to cast Rain of Chaos to summon a lot of dummy units to cast the explosion themselves.


Oh now that i look at it what you did is a lot more complicated.
I might just have to go back to using auras in the end :/
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Level 24
Feb 9, 2009
>lot more complicated
If you have an understanding of basic triggering, the dynamic indexing tutorial* is all you would need to replicate it:
Visualize: Dynamic Indexing
Besides, @Pyrogasm is a level fourteen space-druid in the arcane languages of triggering, as are many of the denizens of the hive, both of which would be very pleased in helping you make fun things like this, -one of which I couldn't help making-, so do not be afraid to ask silly questions.

*(And perhaps, this modest and light tutorial as well on special effects by a handsome, intelligent, and most gracious of hosts~)
The Wonderful World of Special effect Modifications!