[Request] Line AoE Zone Indicator sfx

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Jun 3, 2019

I'm currently working on an RPG that heavily relies on World of Warcraft esque raid mechanics for boss fights. I've got circle aoe zone indicators, but am not able to find rectangles or lines to, say indicate a laser beam.
I've tried ripping models like <Screenshot> or <Screenshot> from WoW using WoWmodelviewer, jm2converter, mdlvis... but converting the .m2 to .mdx didn't work.
There's sadly also no beam in the game I found, that could be turned on it's side to use as a makeshift replacement.

I'm looking for a Line AoE Zone Indicator sfx, kind of like this one <Screenshot>, only in a line.
Doesn't need to be anything fancy, just a red-ish somewhat opaque rectangle to telegraph boss mechanics.

Just thought I'd post here, usually I wouldn't ask for help but I'm unfamiliar with editing models and that would probably go beyond the scope of what I'm capable of or willing to learn from scratch.

Any ideas, suggestions or hints to what I could use are appreciated!

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