Anime picture request

Level 4
Apr 23, 2011
:thumbs_up: i am looking for a picture of konata(lucky star) on the left side with her finger gun seen in the intro and kouta (highschool of the dead) on the other side with a rifle. on the botom in cool 3d letters stating "Otaku's Rule". the backgrong can be anything that you think would look cool. please respond if you are going to do it so im not left in suspense. thx :thumbs_up:
Nah sorry I can't

Honestly this isn't the best place to request this sort of thing, you're going to want to ask in a place with more anime enthusiasts and artists (or at least photomergers). Then again, if you're looking for like signature art you're more then welcome to ask in some of the signature shops which are in the requests forums on the site (assuming they're still active, haven't been paying attention to them as of late).