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An easy smooth fog changing system

Discussion in 'The Lab' started by Zorrot, Jan 1, 2019.

  1. Zorrot


    May 16, 2010
    Hi, haven't come for a long while. recently i was making some project for warcraft reforge, so there are few system i made for myself. But it's always a pleasure to share it anyway.

    library Fogchange initializer Init

    public real Rprim = 100 //Red
    public real Gprim = 100 //Grenn
    public real Bprim = 100 //Blue
    public real Sprim = 0 //Start
    public real Eprim = 4000 //End
    public real Dprim = 5 //Density
    public real Tprim = 5 //Time
    public real R1 = 100 //Red for a tick
    public real G1 = 100 //Grenn for a tick
    public real B1 = 100 //Blue for a tick
    public real S1 = 0 //Start for a tick
    public real E1 = 4000 //End for a tick
    public real D1 = 5 //Density for a tick
    public boolean Changeflag = false //While changing?
    private timer SyncTimer = CreateTimer() //Timer

    function FogchangeActions takes nothing returns nothing
    set Tprim = Tprim - 0.02 //T is changing time
    if(Tprim > 0) then
    set Sprim = Sprim - S1
    set Eprim = Eprim - E1
    set Dprim = Dprim - D1
    set Rprim = Rprim - R1
    set Gprim = Gprim - G1
    set Bprim = Bprim - B1
    //call BJDebugMsg( R2S(Rprim) )
    //call BJDebugMsg( R2S(Tprim) )
    call SetTerrainFogExBJ( 0, Sprim, Eprim, Dprim, Rprim, Gprim, Bprim )
    set Changeflag = false

    function Fogchange takes real S, real E, real D, real R, real G, real B, real T returns nothing
    set S1 = (Sprim - S)/(50*T)
    set E1 = (Eprim - E)/(50*T)
    set D1 = (Dprim - D)/(50*T)
    set R1 = (Rprim - R)/(50*T)
    set G1 = (Gprim - G)/(50*T)
    set B1 = (Bprim - B)/(50*T)
    //Sprim = S1
    //Eprim = E1
    //Dprim = D1
    //Rprim = R1
    //Gprim = G1
    //Bprim = B1
    if(Changeflag == false) then
    set Tprim = T
    call TimerStart(SyncTimer, 0.02, true, function FogchangeActions )
    set Changeflag = true


    private function Init takes nothing returns nothing
    call SetTerrainFogExBJ( 0, Sprim, Eprim, Dprim, Rprim, Gprim, Bprim )


    when use this you could simply write like

    call Fogchange(0, 4000, 5, 80, 20 , 20, 5)

    maybe i will upload an map if it gets guys interest.