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Alright, incase if you didn't know; Invisible buildings still display...

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Level 12
Oct 10, 2009
If they are on the edge of the "Fog / Sight" radius.

This is kinda screwing up my map, of which I have a building, that is invisible. And is displayed if a unit can see it and it is positioned on the fog / sight border.

Any way to fix?

Bonus info!
  • Building has no pathing
  • Building has permanant invisibility
  • Building is constantly moved by triggers (NOTE: This does not reveal invisibillity)
Level 5
Sep 1, 2010
maybe give it a try adding a 2nd pemanent invisibility (like a passive windwalk or so?)
2 Instances of invisibility make a unit stay invisible even when attacking.. maybe this is a solution for your building too... dunno if it works, just give it a try :wink:
Level 3
May 22, 2011
Make it into a unit. Make it unable to walk around and give it fortified armor so the player doesn't notice that it's a unit.
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