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Level 2
Jun 25, 2009
Hey, how's it hangin? My name is Ben, I live in the USA, in the state of Tennessee, near Nashville. I have played Blizzard games for many years and especially had some good times with w3:TFT and DII:LOD. I played world of warcraft a little but I got tired of it. What keeps me coming back to w3 has to be the world editor feature that makes the game so open to expansion and change.

I see that this site has been around for awhile but somehow I have never come upon it. I discovered a long time ago that many models and skins downloaded from the internet tend to be buggy or ill-made, but my experience with this site has been quite the opposite. The content here is so amazing looking, with such concise reviews, and such useful tools and informative tutorials, that I simply had to register!

I wonder how I never stumbled on this website. You guys have a great thing going here, and from lurking i can see that the community is as badass as the resources. :thumbs_up: So I'm really glad to be here.

For a while I figured nobody played this game anymore, and had jumped ship for WoW.:cry:
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