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[AI] AI script help

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Level 3
Feb 3, 2005
I've made some AI's with the AI Editor in WE. Then i export the script to add a custom hero, and custom abilities using notepad. Unfortunately during gameplay the game lags when i use my custom AI scripts and sometimes fatal errors happen. I'd describe the lag as a stuttering lag and goes on for a min to 5 min long sometimes. Occasionally it also happens when the AI's hero is killed. Fatal errors seem to happen more often when i actually play and interact with the AI.

I just need the AI's to do these few things: use custom hero with custom hero abilities, Build buildings (no need for farms because food is already provided), build an army, attack opposing armies, attack opposing base, creep, not harvest gold or wood, and no researching upgrades because researches and prerequisites are removed and gold/wood is already given.

They are saved in .txt because .ai is a invalid format on the hive.


  • HumanV3.txt
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  • NightElfV3.txt
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  • OrcV3.txt
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  • UndeadV3.txt
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