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[AI] AI Map Problem

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Level 2
Mar 2, 2016
I have a problem with implementing AIs to a custom map I'm making. I have a total of 7 players. 5 of them are controlled by computer and all of them have fixed start location checked.

For some reason, Player 2 is the only player whose units can perform multiple spells while the rest can only perform spells that are already auto-cast (Like Troll High Priest can simultaneously perform Heal and Inner Fire when under Player 2 but under other players only perform Heal).

So, I tried using the AI Editor to make a simple AI where the only thing I ticked off were Melee, Target Heroes, Repair Structures, Have No Mercy, Ignore Injured, Slow Harvesting, and Smart Artillery. I also removed all the units in the attacking tab and building tab. Basically, I'm trying to emulate the Neutral Hostile AI, and I have reasons why I don't just make the units belong to Neutral Hostile, I just wanted to have them using spells.

It worked fine on the Test Configuration but when I tried to implement it on the map, things went sour.

I used the trigger 'Start Melee ai' first to assign my custom AI to Player 3 which have workers designated to mine a Gold Mine.

Not only did they fail to perform spells but their workers mined the usual number of gold (10) even though the AI should forced them to mine 1 gold per because of the 'Slow Harvesting'.

Then I used 'Start Campaign ai'.

If it did worked then this thread wouldn't have existed. So yeah. Same results as above.

So yeah, basically everyone except Player 2 is an idiot, and considering the fact I've tried a lot of ways to implement a simple ai on them only for them to keep refusing to comply to it means they're stubborn idiots.

So how do I implement my simple dumb AI into these idiots? Or at the very least, how to make them use their freaking spells (That doesn't involve too much triggers.)
Level 19
Jul 2, 2011
make a series of AI scripts, I doubt this Is the reason but it could be that because one script is being used for multiple AI it's causing a problem

also and most importantly, check that the AI are set to the correct race matching the AI script
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