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Admin Contact & Staff Contact Guidelines

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Oct 6, 2004
Hive Workshop
Admin Contact Forum

Welcome to the Admin Contact Forum. This is the forum where you can request hosting and a way you can contact any of the admins about something. When requesting hosting, please read the FAQ

How does it work?
Basically this is a forum where you create a thread, but no one else apart from the admins can see your thread. This way you can post a thread for the admins to see, and can talk to the admins in private, without having to send a heap of Private Messages to all of the admins.

This forum has been designated for affiliation requests, hosting inquiries and serious breach of etiquette and protocol (i.e.continual harassment or abuse).

The Hive's administration is very interested in our members' concerns: every user, be they rookie or veteran, is important to the site.

Small matters such as of incidental reputation loss of imposed by forum moderators can not always be fully addressed here: for the most part we must all learn from our mistakes and move on, contributing to the site as best we are able. Remember: it's important for ALL of us to practice the site rules, post wisely in the forums, and be good citizens of our community.

Please be detailed when making your post: help us help you! Whatever matter you wish to discuss, please include complete details, especially valid hyperlinks
  • Link us to your site if you are making an affiliation request. For your consideration: Affiliate Application
  • Link to your resource if you are asking about a specific map or other resource.
  • Link to a user's Hive Workshop public profile if inquiring about one of our members.
Details and hyperlinks will greatly aid us in assisting you.
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Oct 23, 2006
Staff Contact Forum









This forum is designated for all users to discuss the status of their own resources with resource moderators. The forum is far more effective than simple private messages: all resource moderators may address, respond to, and help resolve difficulties regarding the status of submitted resources.

Similar to THW's Admin Contact forum, ONLY the original thread creator and the staff has access to these resource discussion threads.

Please adhere closely to the following simple guidelines.
  1. Before posting, ensure that your resource complies with the resource submission rules pertaining to that resource category.
  2. Each user may create one thread to discuss one specific resource.
  3. Be detailed when making a post.
    • Describe the exact nature of the problem.
    • Provide a valid hyperlink to the specific resource in question.
  4. All staff decisions regarding the status of ignored resources are final.
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