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A reply to the Map protection policy

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Level 8
Jul 3, 2004
1) If you forget to backup the map then you can only blame yourself for it
2) Many people dont give credits even for maps the copy anyway. To learn how to make maps you have to experiment yourself or you will never be really good at it
3) An unupdated map can be popular a long time, and even if you update it regularly it wont be popular forever anyway

If you dont protect your maps:
If the map is popular you can be 100% sure that there will be several copies of it floating around on bnet after a short while. And you can also be sure that alot of the people who made those copies will not give you the slightest credit for it, because they copy it to try to make people belive they made it and steal your credits. Ofcourse not all people are like that, but there's alot of jerks and morons on bnet.
But no one can use your map to learn, so if you have found out something special and good in your map then you should share it with others on places like this forum afterwards.

If you do protect your maps:
If you make a popular map you get all the credits and people will remember your name, greet you when they see you, send you mails about how much they like your map etc because they know that you and no one else made the map.
However after you have taken advantage of your map and the concept as much as påossible (til it's not that popular anymore) then you should release it unprotected if you want the concept to live on. Then people can shape the map in new ways and create new maps
Level 12
Aug 7, 2004

In that case im more of a guy that likes to help ppl :lol: :wink:

Uh so but i also like my map to be popular so i guess ill just make the map unprotected!!

8) 8)

Hey Lonewold would yu like to join my team and help me finnish the trilogy. Well uh i dont need a lot of help but its just fun to have three ppl in a map making team. :?: :?:
Level 22
May 11, 2004
It`s like I said in the policy; if you are worried about non getting credit if someone rips your unprotected map, thats what sites like this are for. You submit it here under your name, it is immortalized here under your name. So if a newer version is floating around b.net with somone else`s name on it, you can redirect those who think its not yours to here and prove it to them that it`s your map.
There`s nothing they can say to that.
Level 5
Jul 15, 2004
It would go back to the updated map date. While it's possible for someone to steal a map and upload it onto a site like this BEFORE the actual creator did, the likeliness of that happening is pretty low. It all goes down to your word vs their's, but having some evidence like this cetaintly makes you more crediable.

The only reason I semi-protect my maps is because I hate the idea of having dozens of different "versions" of a map out on b-net.

Take Risk, Loap, and many TD's... everytime you join the game there is a good chance its a different version of the map- but when you play it it's virtually the same (except for a little trigger making the map editor have an advantage or special cheats). It really pisses me off.

I personally feel that the best way to go is protect your maps, and then release an unprotected version of older versions of your map. Then, people will have a less chance of taking your map and trying to rig it or make a better copy; they are probably lazy (because they are copying a map in the first place) and will find it to be too much work to take an older version of your map and attempt to make it better than your newer versions.
Level 16
Sep 3, 2004
I data protect any maps I finish. I reimport the MPQ data into my map, so either:
1: The data will overwrite any changes
2: The data will stop the saving process with an error

Then if someone steals my map, I will game cache ban them, although I am still testing it to see if it works
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