A Orc Bowman

Level 2
Aug 30, 2006
Hey guys.Im making a Warhammer Aos.I would appreciate it if someone could make me a model of an orc archer.Heès going to have leather armor, Black
Like i said this is a warhammer aos.What inspired me to make this aos is the upcoming mmorpg, Warhammer: Age of Reckoning.It is more based off the actual warhammer game world though
Request: A few diffrent models of the orc arrer boyz
Name: Orc Arrer Boy
Type: Scratch but Orc grunt with a bow and arrows and a black mark in trhe shape of a moon will do.
Details:A basic orc, may look like grunt, with a bent shortbow, and a quiver with black feathered arrows on the back.On either eye is a black tatoo of the moon, and on the leather armor across the chest is also a black shape of the moon.

Pictures:A note on the pictures;As im not a good drawer and do not have many good drawing firends who would do this for me,and am low on cash, these pics have been gathered from two sources; Warhammer.ca and various player reference sites.