[SD/Misc] A Liquipedia race icons suggestion

Level 6
Oct 15, 2019
Greetings travellers,

I was asking in Warcraft 3's Liquipedia discord channel for a renewal of the "Multiple" race icon (it doesnt fit very well as you can see down below). I was wondering if some of you might want to collaborate with them to change this icon. I guess it could be possible to change the entire collection of race icons: human, orc, nelf, undead, random as well (6 in total). Current icons are 19x19 but I guess this could be changed a little bit.

Example of Human, Orc, Night Elf, Undead and "Multiple" race icon

Example of "Random" race icon (it's a dice)

Warcraft3.info icons are also great but they don't have random nor multiple icons. Any hero/unit regarding every race can be use for that representative race. Random and Multiple races can be shown using neutral heroes, creeps, buildings or even items maybe?. What do you think about it?