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A few stories

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Dec 10, 2008
These are just two stories I had to write for Geography class. Enjoy them, and you'll notice a slight link between the two, as they are half related.
They arn't the longest, almost scracthing 500 words each. They eared my some pretty goo marks too for how much effort I acually put into them
(100%). I'm not sure how great they are, because I still edit bits and peices even after the project was finished about three week ago.

Feed back is more then accepted, as I cant really judge my own work without some denial


The Invasion

Over three and a half million years ago, there was an invasion. The invasion that sparked the war of two thousand years.

It was violent, and many people died. The invaders, purple, mushroom-shaped people, had technology and materials that would only be discovered one thousand years later, during the Great War. They had an arsenal that threatened to destroy the entire planet in its whole. How they were defeated is unknown to even the most elderly of the elder council, but one things for sure, there would never be full peace one the planet of Nar’Thrall again……

These people, these… Shrooms, would also be the people to bring the Stag parasite to Nar’Thrall. They were completely immune to it, but the people of Nar’Thrall, they were slowly eaten away from the inside until they were unable to keep living. There was a cure for it, however painful it was, although it was almost never used, as the pain caused by it was nearly enough to kill them.

When the Shrooms landed, they immediately killed anything that was alive, including the soil, which was turned into an infectious black area, almost like the ground itself was dead.

They knew were to go, and what to destroy to make their invasion perfect. They aimed their weaponry strait at any and all communication technology and destroyed them immediately. Nobody had known this had happened until the repair crew didn’t return. When the landing was completed, they started sending strategically planed waves at the capitol, which prompted their planet was also like Nar’Thrall, with long, strait land. Their attacks from water were amphibious-based vehicles, some were basic troop transport vehicles, and others were strait forward unmanned war machines.

It was decided that there would be no stopping them, so they applied the one thing that the Shrooms hadn’t thought about, nuclear weaponry. The Shrooms had almost no armored defense to speak of, as they hadn’t planned for the people of Nar’Thrall to have them. When they launched the first missile, named appropriately named Capt’ Extermination, they were surprised to see the results. It had destroyed a majority of their ships, and even killed a good ½ of the Shroom army. But the survivors came back, more ready to kill then ever. They were severely beaten and destroyed, but they had a special secret. The land they created, the Blight, actually helped regenerate them. They truly proved to be a race to be friends with.

The government of Nar’Thrall, along with the top military leaders, decided the only way to defeat them was to use their entire supply of nuclear weaponry. As soon as the master button was pressed, every bunker on Nar’Thrall was locked and ready for the worst. After years of battle, the planet was able to take the force of a nuclear impact, and this was no exception. There was a moment of uncontrollable shacking, and a few pieces of the bunkers were even falling off, but in the end, it worked. The “Blight”, as it was called, was destroyed and the only way the Shrooms were able to survive was destroyed and taken away from them.

Now full-scale military action was taken. Any surviving Shrooms were ordered to be captured and killed. No second thoughts. Any weaponry was to be secured and disabled. Their spacecraft were to be sunk to the bottom of the Great Sea, were the pressure was garneted to destroy them.

But there was some debate about the sinking of the ships, and the destruction of the weapons. Many political leaders agreed, it was for the good, but some disagreed, and this is the reason of the two thousand year war.

Three and a half million years ago, the Shrooms landed. Three million years ago, sides were chosen, and military forces were forged. Maybe the Shrooms weren’t the worst enemy of Nar’Thrall. Maybe….. Maybe it was Nar’Thrall itself….


The End....

About 3 million years ago, the War of Two Thousand years began. That was the day the world ended. This is the story of Mag’Nathrall.

There had been worse wars, fuelled by power and greed, but this one was different. It was fuelled by the radioactive metal, Grabie, which is also responsible for the mutation of the Stag parasite into the Stagtitle parasite. Grabie was used for two main purposes. One was to power their vehicles, and the other was used for their weapons. It was mostly favoured by artillery crews though, being high in radiation, if the impact didn’t kill, the radiation would.

All though the war was declared over, small factions of rebels were still trying to keep it fuelled. Eventually, almost 5 million years of near constant fighting and arguing, the Atomic Implosion bomb was invented.

Unfortunately, it was stolen before it could ever be truly tested. It was eventually aimed at the oldest and first city of Mag’Nathrall, Magstora. Its power was severely under estimated too, and destroyed most of the planet. This was the cause of the Great Evacuation. Anybody that stayed died, due to the planet being thrown out of its proper orbit.

After the Great Evacuation, most of the structures on the planet were destroyed by either the force of the planets new rotation, the heat of the star, or by the shockwave of the impact. All remaining life, which was mostly wild animals, died of severe radiation poisoning. Nobody is quite sure were the people went; a lot of people believe they didn’t survive getting out of the atmosphere.

Today, the planet has slowed down its rotationally period, and a lot of the radiation has been cleaned up by natural process. Some people suspect that in two thousand years, the once great civilization will be reborn and once again take hold of the shattered planet. They will probably be the only ones able to survive, as the atmosphere is full of derbies still, and renders the surface unable to be seen from space.

The planet has since been named Sto’Thrall, or Outland. It was renamed this because it now has no use, and anything that has been able to see the surface would see floating pieces of rock, and in some cases, near bottomless crevices. Most mountains make up these floating pieces now, and the ground is no longer completely solid, failing apart to reveal a crevice, although not as deep as other places.

Almost three million years ago, the war erupted. That is the way the world ended.

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Aug 27, 2008
AAA! Darn it! There should be a short stories section here, I'm torturing myself to read some of these, and half the time i just take one look and say heck no. I only read the first one, and i thought it was rather...interesting. I suppose nuclear weapons is the only way to go sometimes.
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