a few icon requests

Level 4
Jul 20, 2011
Hi, i have looked around the Icon's on hive but i cant find what im looking for and i have almost no skill with photoshop/gimp.

i need 3 Icons.

NinjaKatana - a samurai katana with a blue glow around the blade and a red handle. the handle doesn't need too be fully visible. i need the blade tiled upward to the left with the blade facing downward (like this \ )

PirateCutlass - (i am amazed i couldn't find a single pirate cutlass on list.) I need a pirate cutlass with a green or yellow glow. red, gold, or silver handle . the blade needs too be tilted upwards to the right with the blade facing downward (like this /)

TwinRaider - i need an icon with both the cutlass and katana crossing eachother with a red glow and blades facing the same way as the previous icons.

they don't need a passive icon but i don't really mind if you put one in.

thanks in advance, +rep and credit.