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A Demon's Death

This bundle is marked as useful / simple. Simplicity is bliss, low effort and/or may contain minor bugs.
Chewii Presents

A Demon's Death
Produced by Chewii

Map Info:
This is a cinematic based on blizzard's warcraft universe and shows us the encounter between Illidan and Arthas at the gates of the Frozen Throne.
Our journey starts with a flashback of Illidan which shows us what kind of preassure Kil'Jaeden put on Illidan to succeed in destroying the Frozen Throne. However Arthas is there to stop Illidan in doing so.

Credits and notes:
I used Zerox Cinematic Illidan model, you should check it out!
I also used the awesome Arthas model made by Kwaliti.
And last but no least, the Ultimate Terraining Map (UTM)

Credit list:
  • Zerox
  • Kwaliti
  • The UTM team


Author's notes:

Found this badboy on my computer, so i thought it would be nice to upload it here :)

Illidan,Arthas,battle,1o1,warcraft,frozen throne,epic fight,cinematic,

A Demon's Death (Map)

21:32, 8th Mar 2015 StoPCampinGn00b: Map set to awaiting update (needs fix) on reviewer Shadow Fury's behalf.
Level 21
Nov 4, 2013
I don't really get why imitating another cinematic but as long as it is not 100% copied, it is acceptable, So here are my thoughts:

1- Far too many times, you set the animation speed to 0% so Arthas and Illidan looked like statues with totally no movement or life. It's not good for a cinematic
2- The movement of the characters looks so unnatural and rough. They seem to be dragged by an invisible hand and this really ruins the epicness of the cinematic
3- The camera usage could be better because sometimes you didn't use it really well. For example, when Illidan attacked the skeleton archer, you didn't move the camera exactly to Illidan so I found the skeleton archer dead at once without even seeing him dying (or "cracking" if you prefer)
4- The snowy part looks really great and resembled the original terrain yet the part of Kil'jaeden could be better. I don't get why putting a carpet below Illidan because it is totally unfitting for me. Then, the terrain behind Kil'jaeden was totally flat and monotiled which gives a bad result. You could add other tiles via Environment ---> Change Terrain Type, some raisings/lowerings to all that flat piece of terrain and more doodads. Some yellow skulls and one rune of Outland/Black Citadel where Illidan is standing would be good too.

Overall the cinematic requires much more efforts. I will give it 2.5/5 and AWAIT UPDATE!