A Creep Submission Thread

Level 13
May 11, 2008
Hey guys...
I've been working on a new map for awhile.
And I'm about to get started on making some creeps for it.

I will have forest monsters and sea monsters.

I know hero making is a pretty big deal and everyone loves to make heroes.

But, what about the creeps?

I'd like to see some people start making some really fun creeps to do battle with. Please feel free to submit any kind of custom creep that you've made.

Even full creep camps would be nice, but not necessary.

Please make them interesting and original like changing the names of them, maybe even using alternate models or skins...although definitely not necessary...also you can make custom spells for the creeps if you like or other abilities.

You can take the idea for the creeps from other games or from novels you've read or maybe a movie or comic book, I don't really care too much...just hopefully it looks cool when it gets to warcraft 3 maps.

And if anyone knows of a thead like this or resource like this already, feel free to redirect!

Another thing I was thinking is why not just browse the Spells section for custom spells that a creep would have fun with?

I may be doing this in the meantime but I'd really like to see if some of the rest of you haven't beaten me to it! Even if not, I'll probably have lots of forest monsters and sea monsters and there should be plenty of time for you guys to work on your creeps and get them submitted! Especially for the sea monsters and let me say I expect those to be the stronger of the two types of creeps for my map...I'll do those last so you'll have more time to work on those.
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