I can't think of this!

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Mar 22, 2010
I can't think what kind of terrain should fit this.

It's been for 3 weeks, but still I can't think what kind of terrain I will do in my
map, which will be "like" a custom hero arena.

In this map, it will be having spawn units, custom hero spell engine, and the heroes will be there are only humans, and nothing at all.

Creeps will be spawned are monsters, corrupted thingy :grin:, and some bit of half humans...

Players will be leveled up at the terrain that I can't think.
Monsters, creeps, and bosses, are spawned there.

And there will be a dueling area, somewhere behind, side or in front of the leveling area...

:spell_breaker: ~~~~Thanks in advanced~~~~ :spell_breaker:
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Dec 7, 2008
I will slightly improve the English for you:

It's been 3 weeks and I still can't think of what kind of terrain will be in my map, which is 'like' a custom hero arena.

The map will have unit spawns and a custom hero spell engine.

The heroes will only be humans - no other races.

Spawned Creeps will be monsters, corrupted creatures and half-human chimeras.

Players will level up in the area that I need a terrain for.

Monsters, creeps, and bosses are spawned there.

There will be a dueling area somewhere behind, beside or in front of the levelling area.

OK, now the terrain - you haven't given us a story, so we can't suggest one. If your heroes are human and your creeps are half-human and corrupted creatures, I would suggest blight or corrupted forest. I would suggest you come up with a story.
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