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(6)Word War 3 v1.0

Submitted by PsyFaiz
This bundle is marked as substandard. It may contain bugs, not perform optimally or otherwise be in violation of the submission rules.

(6)Word War 3 v1.0 (Map)

00:37, 10th Dec 2014 Orcnet: Lacking. please read site rules.
  1. 00:37, 10th Dec 2014
    Orcnet: Lacking. please read site rules.
  2. Rex.


    Aug 6, 2014
    Please improve your description:-

    Submitted Map Resources need to have a good description on the Hive. It is a good idea to include map title, author, features list, short gameplay explanation, a credits list, screenshots, a changelog, etc.
    A map description that only contains "No description" will be rejected.

    Your description needs:-

    -Map Info
    -Screenshots and Video
    -Change Log
    -Author's notes

    Your game needs:-
    A valid author:

    If the author's name is different from the uploader's name, please tell us if it's just another one of your usernames.
    If you are simply uploading the map of another user to share it with people, without the author's permission, then the map will be rejected.

    A full credits list:
    At least in Hive description but preferrably also in the quest log in-game. What needs to be in the list? Name of the authors. (Optional: Name of the resource)

    Map Type+Category:
    Please do not spam several types, just stick to 1 or 2.
    No multi-uploads of a single resource - please use instead.
    The DISBTN version of custom icons must be imported as well.
    The Quest Log should contain the essential information about the map's gameplay.

    All Maps must bear a fitting title.
    Example: "Just another warcraft 3 map" is not allowed.
    Ripped resources from other games are not allowed to be used, unless they are from another Blizzard Entertainment game or if their license permits the use in maps (proper proof for this use must be put in the description).

    Work in progress (WIP) maps are not allowed, the map needs to be a complete release.
    ALPHA and BETA versions, "teasers/trailers", etc. can be posted in Map Development.
    Furthermore, do not upload maps and use it as a request thread. If you want a user to add something to your map for you (system, etc.), then please make a thread in WEHZ.

    English only:
    In-game text and Hive description. The grammar and spelling must be adequate.
    Average quality standard:

    A certain amount of quality is required, the gameplay needs to be somewhat fun, the terrain must not be lacking and a bit of originality should be present.
    Note: Replicas are not allowed! (e.g. Changing something from Dota 'Adding new heroes and items, but still keeping some of the old ones')

    Efficient triggering:
    The triggering needs to be efficient and mostly leakless.

    Comment:- Please do it. Or else this map will get rejected! Quick! Good luck! :)
  3. Mythic


    Media Manager

    Apr 24, 2012