(4)Whirlpool v1.05

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Player Suggest: 1v1
Idea: Its INSEKT idea, don't mind me if I do...
Map Creator: Zucth

Map Description:
A fertile land flooding by rainy season. Only some part of the land were cover with rain.

Neutral Building:
12 Goldmines (all - 12500)
1 Tavern
2 Goblin Merchant
4 Goblin Shipyard
2 Mercenary camp -Sumer

Creep Camp:
8 Green
16 Orange
0-2 Red [4 base]

-Map have a size [104x104]
-Rather a standard look and mercenary camp.
-The map is design for 1v1 especially. But you can go with 2v2 if you want. (Range between player warning!)
-Map layout were base on Twisted Meadow, but flood.

v1.01 fill up the mana cap, terrain smooth, some light doodad
v1.02 remove the AoW bug -cant place.
-remake the lv11 AoW camp lower the camp hp(1k->450), replace ensnare with bloodlust+disruption. this make other race than orc that can bm +speed scroll values boat portal early game. ++this camp take to long to creep watching from ATR match.
-more reward at the map corner, as before this, naga guard is just abomination hp with swimming ability. So I decide to try replace it with naga turtle that has devour ability and swimming he is kind of lame creep but this could catch annoying and attention of the opponent even more than before. He also do siege dmg.
-added albatross just for visual.
v1.04 a fatal rookie mistake: creep didnt sleep at the shop. Change from 6-5-3-2 to 6-4-4-2 with same item drop
-isles RoR camp change from naga turtle(too much op) to sea elemental lv5 since he can swim & less OP than ensnare. ++added pw1 to the camp (buff the value of corner camp)
-added Scroll of Protection on c2 drop.
-rename to Whirlpool (from Water Wheel)

this map was use in ATR Cup

(4)Whirlpool v1.05 (Map)