3DS Max UI

Level 6
Aug 24, 2006
This isn't exactly about modelling, but it's about one of the programs that you can use for it....

Anyway, there are four scripts that I use a lot in 3DS Max, and it's kind of annoying to have to keep changing directories to use them, then go back into the one with all the models in it, and go back and all that. So is there a way to hotkey various scripts or put them in the UI somehow so that I can get to them faster?



Level 18
Sep 26, 2004
There sure is a way: macroscripts. The easiest way to do it is this:
1. Go to Customize -> Customize User Interface -> Toolbars and create a new toolbar. Name it in any way you like. An empty toolbar should appear floating around.
2. Open the script you want with the script editor (MAXScript -> Open script)
3. Select all that text and just drag & drop it on to your newly created toolbar. That's it, you now have it as part of the UI.

If you want to assign a keyboard shortcut to that thing, close the customize menu then open it again but this time go to the Keyboard tab. From there search the DragAndDrop category and there you'll find all the scripts that you drag and drop like that and you can assign whatever keyboard shortcuts you like.