3 Modeling issues I find come up frequently, How to fix them?

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Sep 2, 2005
BlinkBoy said:
Darkholme said:
Could you explain or give me directions to a tutorial to do 3 things?

Move a mesh to another geoset and keep its animations.

Remove the gunk left over after using magos to drop sequences (which apparently just disables them)

Edit Bones

Move a mesh to another geoset and keep its animations.

in other words you just want to learn how to do the first one correctly, right?

well it's very hard to explein such things, depends much on the model and what you wish, you should make a thread and I'll try answering. But I'll warm you, you'll need to do it by editing the .mdl directly, using magos is almosat impossible.

OK. So here I am.

So What I'm looking for is how to:
1. Move a mesh to a different (or popssibly new) geoset, for the purpose of using a different material on it. Changing transparency to teamcolor, using a whole new skin entirely, etc. And I want to have the mesh still use the same animations when I'm done.

2. Say I used wc3ModelEditor to remove sequences, instead of the the animation remover. As opposed ot starting over, is there a way for me to remove all that unused animation info? or do I have to go back to before I deleted them via doing all the model edits over again?

3.Edit Bones. So resizing the bones to make the animation match up with the altered proportions after editing a model. Also, can unused bones be deleted(such as after removing a tail, can the bones for the tail be removed along with the animation data pertaining to the tail?

I'm ok with whatever way I have to do this, including notepad, I would just like to know how. These are issues that have come up for me a few times, and I don't like having to ask other people to do parts of my modeling for me.
1. [edit mesh] you mean to unify 2 geosets, but keeping the animation keys of each? There's no tool that can do that, yet you could do it through mdl editing. It's pretty much merging all the data between the 2 geosets into one and resynquing everything (triangles, vertex groups, matrices, etc).

2. There's a tool that completely removes the animation data of a certain animation, yet it's not in oinkerwinkle's site. I'll upload it.

3. You can do that using Mago's Model editor, else you'll have to do it by hand editing the mdl.

Oinkerwinkle tools: http://www.oinkerwinkle.com/tools/download.html

Mago's: http://www.hiveworkshop.com/forums/resource.php?t=62876


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Level 17
Sep 2, 2005
how do i edit the bones in magos? I can get them to show but I dont know where I go to actually move them.

Also, how does one do the resynching on the meshes. I'm sure it's not as easy as "copy the data from the first geoset to the second via notepad, then delete the old info."

And is there a way to add new geosets (for which to move a mesh to)
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1. you edit the bones in the Node manager.

2. resynquing the meshes is a process that takes a lot of time. It consists on merging the vertex groups, assigning the new matrices and resetting the triangles of the second geoset.

3. you mean to add new meshes into a model?, yes there are a lot of ways for doing it. tutorial: http://www.oinkerwinkle.com/tools/tutorialheadswitch2.html