2D Logo Request!


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Feb 28, 2010
2D Logo Request! +2 rep, credits & moderator spot to helpers!

This is a rather "big" request since I am attempting to make someone I don't know in person to create me a 2D logo for my upcoming project SvD (Satyr vs Draeneis)

Let me start off by proving that my map making skills are somewhat decent.
Bosses of Warcraft

These are the projects that I've more or less finished.
BoW took me ~600 hours to finish and has been completely remade 3 times which of BoW is the 3rd attempt.
MKT is a 2 week map that I worked on for about 60 hours.
Dualism is probably my greatest achivement which I am very proud of. After putting 700 hours and somewhere around $500 into it I've managed to release a "beta" product which has the potential of becoming one of the rare "Director's Cut" projects here on the Hive.

I've been using the WC3TFT World Editor for nearly 9 years now. I started making maps inside Age of Empires 1 then moved over to Warcraft 2, Age of Empires 2, Warcraft 3 and finally WC3TFT.

As I am waiting for the announcement of Warcraft 4 and trying to become knowledgeable enough to host my own game developing company I am creating a Multiplayer map that goes by the name of SvD.

I'd love to hear from some 2D artists via PM as I am not yet ready to reveal details of my project openly.

What I can offer you who is willing to fullfill my request is +2 rep, moderator status in the TeamSpeak3 server that I am hosting for the map's community and a spot in the credits.

If you have any questions or opinions to share feel free to ask in this thread!
Thank you for reading and have a wonderful continuation of your day!
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