-- 2D Artist Request, Logo --


Hosted Project: BoW
Level 17
Feb 28, 2010
My request is a logo for the upcoming development thread for my new Warcraft lll map, Satyrs vs Draeneis.

Completing this task will grant you:
+Rep (from the current developing team)
Credits (inside the development thread, quest log & map thread)
Serial Code (enter your serial code together with your load/save code at our homepage to get a special ingame item)
Forum Rank (forum rank at our homepage)

As some sort of evidence that I'm capable of producing high quality work and don't just leave my projects, check these out:


The two other member of this project (Satyrs vs Draeneis) are: Hashjie and Catch_ya

The best scenario would be if you as a 2D artist had skype as it makes progress, discussing and feedback a much smoother, easier and funnier experience for all of us.
If you are interested in creating the logo for this upcoming project of ours please send me, Sverkerman, a PM or add me directly on skype Sverk3rCraft.
This thread will be used to answer any questions around the subject.
Thank-you have and have a wonderful continuation of your day!
~SvD Developing Team