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(2) the Sanctuary


by: SonofJay

'Darkfall Project' is a project to create custom melee maps
featuring high quality scenery.

This project was started to once again boost the popularity
of playing and making custom melee maps. My "In the End"
was supposed to motivate other melee mappers to explore
more the art of melee mapping but after almost a year
after I uploaded it 90% of the uploaded melee maps are
still lacking the quality making me realize that "In the End" didn't
really deliver the impact that I intended to give so hopefully
a large scale projects of this type of melee maps will bring
fruit to my intentions(so I can just download high quality
melee maps than making it myself so I can just play melee
"SoJ" style *shot*).

You can check the thread here for news of the development
of other maps for 'Darkfall Project'



"A twisted yet beautiful land home to very dangerous beings. The landform is also very ideal for faction wars."


  • 6 Green Camps
  • 11 Orange Camps
  • 5 Red Camps
  • 4 Gold Mines
  • 2 Goblin Merchant
  • 1 Mercenary Camp
  • 2 Nether Dragon Roost
  • 1 Fountain of Health
  • 1 Tavern







Feedbacks, criticism, suggestions etc are always welcome.
I'll be using the same materials for the next maps so anything
that you like to improve or didn't like on the current styles of the
first map then just post it.


No, I'm not planning to add custom models for races or creeps
because of the current filesize.


-Fix creeps item drops
-Added a simple camera system (Fix angle but you can zoom in and out using mouse wheel)
-Fix some known pathing errors.

Melee, Darkfall, SonofJay

(2) the Sanctuary (Map)

11:40, 4th May 2014 Orcnet: Set on a melee game mechanics, I'll have to agree the map is fitting even though its only ranged for a 1 versus 1 fight. Creep difficulty is made depending on neutral buildings that can really increase the chances of...




11:40, 4th May 2014
Orcnet: Set on a melee game mechanics, I'll have to agree the map is fitting even though its only ranged for a 1 versus 1 fight. Creep difficulty is made depending on neutral buildings that can really increase the chances of winning the game which comes up pretty well.

Terrain partaking on the map's execution has a wonderful view and has extreme environment detail than previous or regular melee maps, as well as on changing the trees and cliffs visual output.

Overall map is considered Recommended and best played with friends and people online.
Level 28
Oct 28, 2011
Special thanks to:
Blackstorm - for ripping the Twilight Doodads
-Kobas- - for compiling the Twilight Doodads
Modafoka - For the tileset.

Join the Melee Nation Force!



[FONT="Palatino Linotype"] Check my melee map tutorial: [/FONT]
SonofJay's Melee Map Tutorial Check this other sites: ChaosRealm BlizzardModding
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Speechless, this is all I could say. The terrain is just nice. The place is creeeeepy. There is balance all over. I might not be seeing any critters here but the effects, the ambiance and the mood of the place will tell why there isn't. You are always creating maps which are fresh and not the usual ones.

Nice work as always son_of_jay.

This is good enough for a 5/5 Approval


Why the h... did you forget this?

Mind looking up for some other units if you forgot something like this?


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Level 28
Oct 28, 2011

Ahh, crap, I was really hoping to not get any major error so I don't have to upload an update because my upload speed is hilarious. Oh well, I'll be tending to that now and will upload it tonight.

Anyway, glad you liked it.


Take your time honey.


I think for a short while back in 2012 I was able to increase the activity of melee maps and received a lot of feedback and we even play a lot on garena I wasn't that good back then so if my works before was able to do that then I hope my new works which I think is way better than before will also do.


If no one noticed it, I actually used the terrain I made here. I hope that doesn't affect the overall rating of this map.


RECHECKED THE PROBLEM EUBZ POSTED. And I'm currently speechless. Many of the item drops I made is set to None. I need to redo it once again.

I don't have any idea what happened there.


Can anyone check if the map was uplaoded properly? At the end of uploading I suddenly got a page error.
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Level 16
Sep 19, 2011
Looked at the map, played it a little gives me a better playing experience than a regular map. Perhaps a bit more details wouldn't hurt?!

The thing that is not so good! ---> Don't use small pathing blocks and in places they are not needed, it slows the game down! Simply use large blocks or custom make some large pathing blocks! There are lots of them in the places that are not accessible or visible which is a bad thing. The less destructible objects you have the more the space for more terrain detail and the better the optimization.

I like the fact that you kept the texture quality intact. Those are wow models but am I allowed to use some?
This is mostly an obligatory post so that I can give you 5/5 rating.

Really nice. Some rocks do that thing where the FoW doesn't reveal them at the same time as the terrain tiles. This is true even in blizzard maps but since you use larger doodads it looks not quite as good. It's possible there is no solution, I'm sure you have looked. The lighting is a bit extreme but there is no way to adjust it and summer light would look dumb. Overall, one of the best melee maps ever made. Great choices for doodads nice matching colors, balanced terrain, everything works really well. Oh ya, except I was able to hide my peon in a rock... as mentioned above. Pathing blockers. No biggy.