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2 Small Changes to Test Zerg Balance

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Level 2
Dec 30, 2014
*For any editor out there who finds the changes interesting and wants to give it a shot*

Zerg is suppose to be playing a meta game where the zerg player always keeps larvae on hand so as to keep the enemy player's army from coming out of his base, afraid to be ambushed. If the enemies army stays at home because he saw a bunch of larvae mutate in to something then this could be a win in the meta battle as the zerg player might have just made all drones instead of warriors. The problem though is that by doing this you just forfeited all of your reserve larvae... If the enemy comes to attack you at this point, you could easily die.

This pushes the zerg player in to making many hatcheries, an over excess of hatcheries to be more ready for either a mass warrior production reflex at any time as zerg continues to produce drones for economy, or it could be the other way around and zerg could make an over excess of hatcheries just for the sake of recovering after being aggressive. But how would that work? How can you hatch first but still be aggressive?

Someone mentioned a build once... 6 hatch, 6 pool.

Now, if this build works both as a lure and or potentially prevent an enemy expansion... then it's really a critical build in zerg's meta build arsenal. Sadly, how can a race win strictly off of this crap? It's just not right for a legit competitive game design. Let's move on from broodwar and evolve.

So here are the 2 small changes to the game that doesn't even buff or nerf any race at all. The most mind blowing factor to these changes is how HUGE of a difference they would make with out being a buff or a nerf.

Are you ready?

Zealot - 50 mineral cost
Marine - 25 mineral cost
Zerging - 25 mineral cost

Hatchery - 5 supply yield
Overlord - 5 supply yield

And that's it....

It might seem confusing to take it in at first... how these changes would even make any difference at all... how? Nothing got buffed or nerfed... how in the hell?

But what this does is it allows zerg to over hatch and then properly tap in to their "parallel production" power as they will also naturally have the supply there to burst on that parallel power. The zergling won't be so expensive that the larvae can't be spend, and the hatchery will yield the supply to capitalize on that parallel mass pop of warriors.

But why will people make overlords now?

Well, zerg's supply should have always been divided like this because the overlord should have been a choice.... A choice in the same way that protoss and terran chose to make dropships or not.... Do you want to do more scouting, more dropping? More stalling with overseer contaminate? Then choose to make overlords instead of hatcheries.


This is the first change blizzard needs to make to the game.

And then after that, they can consider my ideas for the nature of zerg's defense and offense with colony queens that ultimately mutate in to either spine or spore queens but cost a drone, and an alternative option that does not cost drone but produces at hatchery as a glass harasser.

After that, if protoss and terran players feel short handed, blizzard should look at thematics and implement "reactive quantity" , "aggressive quality" and "positional ability" thematics in to the workers... classify probes and scvs as warriors so that they can upgrade their damage offensively and work with their armies...

Probes behind zealots...

Scvs in front of marines.... etc...

In the end, everyone will feel like they got something.


Colony queens would still produce linearly at hatchery as well, along side the other unit option.
Level 2
Dec 30, 2014
The key question though is whether that infantry is going to come out and fight or not.

If they come out and fight, a mass zergling pop could win the battle...

This is Sc2 and that's how it's suppose to work.... if the was Broodwar though, back when there were hard counters to infantry, Power Storms and Lurkers... then your point wouldn't hold any weight.

Because of the lack of hard counter now, this is the answer that THEY need and would want for what THEY want to do, not necessarily what we want.
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