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(2)Jungle Wars OFFLINE

Submitted by micromonkey
This bundle is marked as substandard. It may contain bugs, not perform optimally or otherwise be in violation of the submission rules.
The main difference between Jungle Wars (Online) is that I removed the triggers that enable online play. This version is the one someone would play if they wanted to get better at playing this map or if you just don't like losing a lot. haha

Fight as 1 of 9 distinct factions and wage war, one on one over two continents. Purchase super items for your heroes, play as new factions, utilize aerial transportation, sail the seas and combat your opponent any way you want.

How to play: When game starts, move your wisp to the Blue Beacons to learn more about your race, move to the Red beacons to start.

New Factions! Blood Elves, Naga, Draenei, Satyrs, and the Burning Legion.
(Belfs, Draenei and Burning Legion were made from scratch!)

Each new race has its own strengths and weaknesses, exploit them to destroy them!


Blood Elves
Powerful Spellcasters, powerful ranged units, quick striking melee units, insanely powerful heroes
Weaknesses: Low health, susceptible to mana destroying attacks

Nearly unstoppable naga royal guard units, tactical advantage: all units are amphibious
Weaknesses: High unit cost

Burning Legion
Strengths: Heavy hitting demonic units, powerful Marauder unit
Weaknesses: Demon units and be quickly killed by anti-summoned unit abilities

Strengths: Powerful and long lasting poison attacks, invisible units, and the Corruption ability
Weaknesses: EXTREMELY low health

Balanced: The Draenei are easy play as, since most of their units are cheap and mass producible. The n00b faction.

* Night Elf Archdruid cannot morph properly, use at risk
If anyone finds any other bugs, please report it to me with a Private Message.
Title it Jungle Wars Bugs

The old default races have been revamped or can now train new units and heroes.


Models and icons were downloaded from:
General Frankm Elenai, Tenebis, Ket, jigrael, Misha, dickxunder, armel, Lord-T, Dan van Ohllus, Cavman, anarchian bedlam, NatDis, wingednosering, levigeorge1617, Hath, Tenebrae, Dmitry Rommel, Paladon, Denothor, enjoy, X.e.r.X, LiOneSS, CloudWolf, CRAZYRUSSIAN, kitabake

Music was downloaded from Newground.com, credit goes to:
Edgen, D3vilsheep, Danman87, silencefreedom, btriangle, Dreyexhentis, Tainlorr

Additional Programs Used:
Magos Model Editor, MP3 Merger

Thanks for making ultra sick models, icons and music!

WARNING: This is a HUGE map file
This map took me 4 months to make haha

War of the races, humans, orcs, undead, night elves, blood elves, naga, draenei, stayrs, demons, burning legion, chuck norris

(2)Jungle Wars OFFLINE (Map)

14:04, 17th Feb 2010 ap0calypse: Rejected
  1. 14:04, 17th Feb 2010
    ap0calypse: Rejected
  2. micromonkey


    Feb 9, 2009
    This is the OFFLINE version. Mods or players tell me if this version is useless so i can delete it. I don't want any negative rep :(

    Apparently, war3 online only supports maps less than 8 mb.
    perhaps i can remove all the music from the game and just upload a new one? IM CONFUSED!
    Last edited: Feb 17, 2010