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[Altered Melee] 2 Ideas I've Been Working on for Months

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Oct 14, 2016
In the last few months I've been working on several different custom race ideas for the forsaken and the blood elves. I eventually abandoned the blood elf idea because it was just going to be things we've all seen before. So I focused on the forsaken

Then part way in I realised that I hadn’t understood the information about the Forsaken on the World of Warcraft wiki site properly. And instead of a new Forsaken idea. I’d created a fallen or Forsaken Alliance race. So I continued my work on the Forsaken, and at the same time I began work on the new Alliance.

So here’s the basic concept of my Forsaken/Fallen Alliance:

Then part way in I realised that I hadn’t understood the information about the Forsaken on the World of Warcraft wiki site properly. And instead of a new Forsaken idea. I’d created a fallen or Forsaken Alliance race. So I continued my work on the Forsaken, and at the same time I began work on the new Alliance.

So here’s the basic concept of my Forsaken/Fallen Alliance:

The new alliance is made up of:

Humans who survived the scourge and remnants of Garithos's forces.
Dalaraan remnants who delved into dark magics after Antinodus died

For the elves I have 3 options:
  • High elves who in their magic addiction fed on the corrupted energies of the Sunwell becoming Fel Elves similar to Sylvanus (only alive)
  • Blood Elves who weren't with Prince Kael when Garithos arrested him and rallied under another high ranking Blood Elf and waited out the fight between Sylvanus and the Dreadlords
  • Blood Elves who didn’t like the direction Prince Kael was going to lead them in under Illidan and decided to go back to Azeroth and take their chances

The Fallen Alliance survived by gathering up whatever resources they could from Lorderan, Dalaraan and Quel'thelas, even going as far as to raid the destroyed bases of the orc for resources.

The only problem for the Alliance is that the Dwarves no doubt closed off their boarders in the wake of the Scourge. So the new Alliance wouldn’t have access to the Dwarves’ skill for machinery, meaning no complex equipment like guns, mortars, Flying Machines or Siege Engines. So to compensate they would use archers and magic and beasts (The lack of advanced tech concept came from a custom campaign I played a while back called Exodus. The Alliance didn’t have any heavy siege units until right near the end of the campaign [I think])

I’m just going to give an overview of the 2 races. No tech trees, just basic descriptions and the reason behind some of the units

Fallen/Forsaken Alliance:

Swordsman with Defence Ability
Elven Archer with an Arrow Skill
Siege Machine- Elven Balistae/Orc Demolisher

Apothecary/Shadow Priest- Priests Wouldn’t be able to operate in all the corruption so a new Healer is needed
Dark Sorceress with Slow/Cripple
Dark Warrior Mage- With Spellbreaker Starter Skills + Some Support Skills
War Golem- With Spell Immunity + Armor- A Match Up For The Abomination, Mountain Giant And Tauren

Rider Warrior with a Snare Ability
Dark Flyer Unit- Nether Drake- Match For The Gargoyle + Hyppogryff + Wind Rider (Dragonhawk Rider Replacement)
Aerial Siege Beast Rider Unit- A match for the Faerie Dragon + Destroyer + Bat Rider

Human Gryffon Rider with Spear- Gryffon Rider meets Wind Rider
Phoenix/Dark Phoeix/Red Dragon/Nether Dragon


Ranger General- I'm not too sure about this Hero since I'm already talking about an Archer hero in the Forsaken but I’ll do abilities for It anyway
  • Frost Arrow
  • Endurance Aura
  • Summon Winged Minion- Summon birds of increasing power to fight at the Ranger's side, culminating in a pair of Dragonhawks
  • Starfall (The Rangers are known to have this)

Dark Templar/Arcane Knight- Paladin with an Axe/Blood Elf Warden with a Sword
  • Healing Wave
  • Storm Bolt/Shockwave
  • Devotion Aura/Unholy Aura
  • Resurrection/Reanimate Dead (More Inclined Towards Reanimate Dead Since It Works On Enemy Fallen Too)
Avenger/Blood Hunter/Darkstalker- Blood Elf Warden/Demon Hunter/Blood Elf Warrior with a Scythe
  • Shadow Walk- Bladestorm Type Skill
  • Passive That Regens Mana When Attacking
  • Pit Lord's Cleave Attack
  • Avatar/Metamorphosis

Dark Sage/Archon- Summoner
  • Chain Lightning/Rain of Fire
  • Mana Regen Passive
  • Minion Summon Spell- As skills levels increase power to match the Infernal- Add Spell Immunity and increase cooldown at top Level
  • New Version of Volcano/Starfall

Chaos Sorcerer- Attacker
  • Rain of Fire/Blizzard
  • Auto Cast Armor Spell
  • Passive That Drains Mana When Attacking
  • Call of The Grave- Summon a spirit that summons spirits (Voidwalkers) from corpses to Fight
  • Dread guard- undead Swordsman
  • Shadow Huntress- Dark Elven mounted archer unit- Undead Elven Archers on a Dark Wolf with an Ice arrow ability (forsaken version of the huntress with a bow)
  • Shadow Creeper- Spider replacement for the Crypt Fiend- an anti-air unit with a snare ability
  • Magical Aerial Unit- some kind of magical creature to replace the gargoyle. Maybe a giant undead Bat with a sonic scream

Apothecary/Shadow Priest
Magical Warrior: either a Revenant or a Voidwalker model

Siege machine- either an orc demolisher or something spiky that launches poison bombs

Aerial siege unit- either:
  • An Undead Drake (a Forsaken experiment in creating their own Undead Dragons)
  • or
  • A Skeletal Archer riding an undead Dragonhawk with a siege attack


For the mid to high level unit we'll go in one of three direction’s depending on the decision on the aerial siege unit
  • An Undead Fire Dragon
  • An Ethereal Dragon (Nether Dragon model)
  • Or a Dark Phoenix
Valkyr- with a raise dead ability


Dark Ranger
  • Charm can be more accessible if it replaces Silence
  • Black Arrow is ok
  • Life Drain is ok too
Originally I had this idea for summoning a bunch of temporary wraiths to fight at the dark ranger's side but that seems like the kind of ability Sylvanus herself would have. Not a generic dark ranger. The only thing that comes to mind is a high level spell similar to blizzard or rain of fire (not starfall, that requires the ranger stay stationary)

Warlock- wc2 orc death knight model mage- attack mage meets necromancer
  • Shadow Wave- Death Coil version of Healing Wave that can heal allies or harm enemies
  • Auto cast spell to summon permanent Skeletons from corpses (like the crypt lord's carrion beetles but weak so no need to limit)
  • Mana Regen passive
  • Spirit Storm- summon a barrage of spirits that attack enemies in waves- sustained spell
  • Shadow Flare- dark/chaos version of the Blood Mage's Flame Strike

Shadow ascendant- undead fire lord (like a protos archon)- offensive mage with high level summon
  • Chain Lightning/Forked Lightning
  • Auto Cast Skill That Enhances Attacks
  • Mana Drain Passive
  • Rage of the Fallen- Summon a Greater Voidwalker or a Revenant to fight

There are 3 possibilities for the warrior hero:

Deathstalker/Lightslayer- Assassins- An Undead Demon Hunter with Spellbreaker glaives
  • Shadow Strike
  • Critical Strike/Fan of Knives
  • Pit Lord's Cleave Attack
  • Demon Hunter Metamorphosis/Mountain King's Avatar
Shadow guard- dark knight unit with a hammer/axe
  • Storm Bolt/Shockwave
  • Mana Shield/Bash
  • Unholy Aura
  • Mountain King's Avatar
Executioner/Reaper- Undead warrior unit based on the Blademaster with an axe/scythe
  • Leveling version of Bladestorm

  • Howl of Terror
  • Pit Lord's Cleave Attack
  • Mountain King's Avatar

For the Forsaken the Shadow Huntress was a compromise for myself since the idea of a spider as an anti-air mount was a bit iffy.


Part way through my work on these 2 custom races an idea hit me for something new.

The Nephilim from Diablo 3

A whole race based around the heroes and important groups of Diablo

I had originally thought that the best way to do something like this would be a race for each faction/class. Then I realised there would be very few beasts and only the demon hunters and wizards would have anything remotely mechanical. So instead the new idea (which I haven’t started into yet) will be a single race to replace the humans.

The only thing I’ve come up with so far is that there will be select heroes based on this concept:

Barbarians while divided are a full race of people

Crusaders are a small group (only 341 of the original 423 crusaders who went East returned) while the Paladins are a large army based out of Westmarch and the Monks are an order of warriors who serve 1001 gods

Wizards, Druids and Necromancers are numerous while Witch Doctors are the mystical warriors of their tribes and less numerous and not all Wizards could become Sorceresses

Demon Hunters are probably a small group (not everybody could be strong enough to survive and fight)

Amazons are a whole island of people

Assassins are probably in numbers similar to the Demon Hunters

So for heroes that leaves us the Crusader, Witch Doctor, Sorceress, Demon Hunter and Assassin

For a heavy unit I’m thinking something tied to the witch doctor or the necromancer like a golem or gargantuan

For an air unit we can turn to the Demon Hunter and the creatures of Rain of Vengeance

In fact, in the long run for some of the more advanced units we’re probably going to be turning to the Demon Hunter, the Witch Doctor/Necromancer and Druid

But that concept will need to be fleshed out a lot
Level 6
Oct 31, 2014
There is too much "dark/shadow/death" words. already fed up .. sorry -_-

Also your thread is difficult to read, you should add colors, typos, and clarify the whole thing.
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