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13oot-Me's Hero Arena

This bundle is marked as useful / simple. Simplicity is bliss, low effort and/or may contain minor bugs.
A Player vs Player game type that allows the players to choose their own abilities via purchasing. There are also duels! Whichever Team reaches 50 (Only Hero) kills wins.

Purchaseable Abilities - Insterad of giving Heroes abilities, I decided it was time for a Hero Arena that allowed the players to choose their own abilities. You purchase abilities with lumber, and you gain lumber by leveling up.

Dueling - Every so often [according to the timer] wil be a duel. It chooses the opponents at random so don't spam me, me, me! Everything is stopped until the duel is finished.

Models from - General Frank, 'Ultimate Hero Line Wars'
Everything else - 13oot-Me

Arena/ Hero Arena

13oot-Me's Hero Arena (Map)

20:17, 4th May 2010 ap0calypse: Rejected
Level 8
Jun 23, 2007
Sorry, but I can not give you any sort of review until you take your name off of the map.

You just remind me of the thousands of people that have thrown their name on the map, changed minor details, spammed players in game with messages saying "Created by"

Prove me wrong, tell me what is different in this than every other footies.
Level 1
Jul 14, 2008
first of all: you need a proper description.
write down some features, add some screenshots and probably make use of coloured fonts.

ive tested the map and i must say...
it just extremely reminds me of the "hero craft" maps.
even the order of the skills and the names of those shops are very familiar >_>

the only thing that seperates this map from hero craft is the ballance(oh and the fact that you can level up your skills only up to 3 instead of 7 or what it was).
cause its not existing in this map.
40% chance for bash? are you insane?
this works for regurlar melee maps but not for hero arenas!
your map also need some CUSTOM stuff, which means not standard items and skills.
Please improve map description use this for that BB Code and Tutorial
I say this because of Maps Rules. Map with fail description will be rejected!

Things that I don't like
*Memory leaks in large numbers!
  • Events
    • Unit - A unit enters T2 Enter <gen>
  • Conditions
    • Or - Any (Conditions) are true
      • Conditions
        • (Owner of (Entering unit)) Equal to Player 7 (Green)
        • (Owner of (Entering unit)) Equal to Player 8 (Pink)
        • (Owner of (Entering unit)) Equal to Player 9 (Gray)
        • (Owner of (Entering unit)) Equal to Player 10 (Light Blue)
        • (Owner of (Entering unit)) Equal to Player 11 (Dark Green)
  • Actions
    • Unit - Move (Triggering unit) instantly to (Center of Team 2 <gen>)
There is many far worse trigger I copy this one because is smaller than else!

*Terrain looks strange (I first time see something like that poison and lava tiles on ground, good job on that) but problem is with all else, blizzard cliffs, large grass area in one word looks empty
*Few neutral units/monsters (they will only respawn after 30 seconds)
*No Loading Screen (custom) or Map Preview image -.-
*No special effects
*No custom abilities
*Heroes are based on standard ones (You don't even change text - tooltip - extended description -.-)
*You use leaderboard instead of multiboard to display hero kills
Things I liked
*Large number of abilities that hero can learn (At least normal ones)

My opinion is that this map isn't finished jet (better to say far from finish) so this isn't place for it Maps Rules!
Please use Map Development forum for that purpose! Also if you need help with trigger feel free to post thread here Triggers & Scripts and somebody will help you! And at the end I want also to say that if you need any help with editor check this forum World Editor Help Zone!

P.S. explore hive, you will see that this site can give to you all that you want, and that all what he asking from you is to respect RULES and be nice to other users!

After all that above + poor description =
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