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(12)Chimney Isles

(12)Chimney Isles - (8)
Player Suggest: 6v6, 3v3v3v3 - 4v4, FFA.
Inspiration: Wellspring Temple, Crucible(reverse)
Map Creator: Zucth


- base layout (up to date melee strategy) [underground light was in the alpha version right now, there isn't]

Map Description:
An island with a chimney mount terrain, be careful of the enemy on high ground.

Neutral Building:
28 Goldmines (base - 14000, expo - 13500, 4 mid - 11000)
4 Tavern
8 Goblin Merchant
8 Goblin Lab
8 Mercenary Camp - L.summer
4 Marketplace
4 Dragon Roost
1 Fountain of Power

Hostile Building Offer:
8 Corrupted Moon Well - Rune of Rebirth

Creep Camp:
40 Green
32 Orange [+12 base]
13 Red

-Map have a size [208x208]
-4th heroes mid (dark knight persent)
-corrupt moon well is in the middle ring - present as a small fort of healths.
-with 4v4 and FFA condition you can use the (8) version.

-upadte the 12 cp version a small update (Game Data Set: Melee Last patch) which only effected 1.26-1.28 version.
-add half moon version - the version that has got into w3champion ladder

This map has been use in FFA League. +added a half version to w3champion 4v4 ladder pool.

Creator Note:
-I want to made a nerf version of dragon roost but with the custom melee:no is a need which is why I made a second version call cp (complete)
-in the reforged version the tree in the minimap will be light_blue color

(12)Chimney Isles (Map)

(12)Chimney Isles CP (Map)

(8)Chimney Isles CP (Map)

Chimney Isles v1.3 (Map)

Review - Chimney Isles (Version Jan 13th 2023) Description: A large map for up to twelve players, using 3-player radial mirroring. The bundle also includes a version for 8 players. Terrain: The terrain is an interesting mixture of frozen land and...


Map Reviewer
Level 30
Feb 19, 2011
Review - Chimney Isles
(Version Jan 13th 2023)
Description: A large map for up to twelve players, using 3-player radial mirroring. The bundle also includes a version for 8 players.
Terrain: The terrain is an interesting mixture of frozen land and grass. The Underground tileset cliffs give the terrain an ominous look that makes it look unnatural in a good way. Nice thematics. There's a considerable lack of height tool usage around the central ring between the edges and middle-ground of the map that could greatly benefit from slight height variation. The ramps around the central area are visually sharp and disturbing, perhaps you could also give them a slight touch of raise / lower tool without losing the visual clarity of the ramp's placement? In most areas, the terrain work looks sufficient and acceptable. At times there's a cluster of doodads (especially near the four central Goblin Merchants) that look a little too heavy for the eye: they don't look natural or pleasing.
Layout: Large large map for many many players. We rarely see this. The layout is what we commonly see in larger maps: a radial mirroring with a ring structure around the map. Simple yet effective. The layout seems fair and enjoyable. Nice usage of destructible ice walls along the X and Y axis of the map.
Creeps: Creep camps seem appropriate along with their corresponding drops. With so many players the balance of the creeps themselves is not that strict. The creeps also follow a nice thematic aspect and fit the map very well. The flavor has been further enhanced nicely by the inclusion of Runes of Rebirth on Corrupted Moonwells. Nice thinking. I feel like the Icy Trease Boxes between Ice Rock Gates can be a little misleading (they're called Treasure Boxes without any treasure inside) - could they perhaps be replaced by a doodad and skinned to look like Icy Treasure Box (yet then you'd lose the earlier versions of the game, so I guess not). Also, I'm a fan of the Lord Garithos in the middle with Rune of Rebirth, though nuking strategies might be strong on him - then again there are up to twelve players. Overall a very nice job on the creeps. The Dragon Roosts are powerful and it's a good choice to offer the nerfed versions in the Completed version of the map.
Gameplay: The gameplay follows a standard melee pattern with interesting unique factors mixed in without changing the gameplay in a weirdly disturbing way: Players can get a fourth Hero (Lord Garithos) from the middle creep camp through Rune of Rebirth as well as Corrupted Moon Wells that act as replenishment sources. The map is mirrored into four quarters radially, making it the optimal map for four three-player teams. If someone has fewer people to play with they can pick up the version for eight players instead. I leave the rating of W3C Version to people who actually play on W3C.

See comments about the terrain and think whether it's something you'd wish to polish further. Overall nice job, it's good to see large maps for so many players. I'd also recommend changing the map description on Hive so that Author Notes would be above the embedded video, since they are easy to scroll by without noticing.

Nice work.