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~10 models needed, payed request

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Feb 4, 2005
Intro: You Know Me
Project: So far - very clear ideas, the story/maps if I get the models done will continue from war3 to SCII. Briefly it's gonna be an ~endless number of missions when ofc the base maps are made. I've done some but deleted the maps, I know I can do smth nice as what I did so far turnt out to be. I don't want to start, unless I know I will have these models. They are the most important thing - I may make a casual model I will use once but these models will be in every map or used many times. By paying I expect you to think that you are doing them for something, no matter if the rest of the map is ready or not.

Payment method:
Whoever agrees to make them for me will receive money, we can discuss the price per model. Usually we need precautions. The precautions for you will be: not to start anything, unless you receive the money. The precautions for me will be: if you get the money and do nothing for the time we have discussed, I will request the person's IP ban from this forum, why not even from wc3campaigns, but they do not know me there. I don't mean 'omg u did it one day later, die!' xD But if it is a month or two after... And I'll track how shipping is going.

And the models: I can make few of them, I will leave to you only those I can't. The models I want to recreate/need help with, are from empire earth. Here are the models (I'll supply you with more screenshots when I see someone actually agrees and starts them): Blue is teamcolor - doesnt have to be exaclty like that.

+ 3 more with more complex shapes.

How about $5 per model???
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