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Jun 17, 2008
I can't just press and press a "Upload" of the buttson, or somehow I don't know how to share a map to all players, so just to need a Post New Thread to the forum plz.

Intro of the campaign:
This is a RPG Campaigns of type, It's a great map about you playing too patiently. I hope all guys play this map as you enjoy it. The History is talking about King Arthas of the history long years ago. One day, Oichi visits the village and ask to a man what was happened in the world, and seek for King Arthas on the way. Well, I wrote a weird script for a campaign, It is a really fun!

How to play:
The first thing, you strike 2 bendits on the right-down corner, but don't lead to attack ahead when you will not move back to repulse them, otherwise your hero will die and failed this game immediately. You have to defeat Blackrock Clans after Boss in proceed.
Usually, you must clear all monsters in some areas, then you can destroy in front of the gate. In one, you will get the Human Alliance camps in somehow.

What is the map of type?
The most trigger is entering the dialogue in cinematic mode in play music. It likes a drama things a lot of the events. Have you guys played "Reign Of Chaos" campaigns yet? Remembered it? A runner was screamed out and killed by bandits lol. I don't care what is the map give a score in comment. Just write down a good conclusion what you feel, or what you also give a opinion.

I am a GGC player. Have you fun!
ID: Thousand. (Please ask me who you are from anywhere, otherwise I will not answer a noob anymore.)

Please make sure you have a software about WinRAR or Winzip extracts to Warcraft III\Maps\Scenario in the folder. (The both of files must to be merge in the same folder)


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